Built Environment: Library

This webpage gives you an overview of recommended resources for the ‘Built Environment’ domain. You can access the Metasearch tool, the library Catalogue, relevant Databases, Journals, Dictionaries and Library Guides.

Need help?

If you need help with your research, please contact the information specialist of this domain.

You can plan a meeting for help with desk research for assignments, placements reports or theses.
Or you can send an email for general (research) questions, see the blue box for contact details.


We’re moving!

The library for this domain will move to the campus during the autumn holiday. Packing up of the books will start on Monday 7 October. Please borrow materials you need before this date. 

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Library closed

The library for this domain will close on 10th of  October. The library collection will be accessible again on 21 October at the Library in the Horizon building (the Convent building). 

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Study spaces

During the closure of the library you can already start using the Library in the Horizon building. You can use the (silent) study spaces, print materials or borrow books. Questions? Library@buas.nl  

Opening hours