Library Regulations

  1. Borrowing materials
    With the exception of reference material, expensive books and bound periodicals, you can take out all materials in the library collection.
  2. Lending period
    The maximum lending period is three months for most materials, one week for others.
  3. Renewal
    Unless materials have been reserved by others and the renewal finds place within the mentioned lending period, the lending period may be renewed. A material can be renewed for a maximum of 9 times.
  4. Maximum
    The maximum number of materials you may take out is 10.
  5. Library card
    With every transaction you have to show your student card. Inform the department of any changes of address.
  6. Loss or damaging
    When materials are lost or damaged, you will be charged with the costs of replacement and repair and € 6.50 administration costs per material.
  7. Reminders
    When the lending period has expired the library will charge you for this. 
    After the first week you have to pay € 1.00 after two weeks € 2.50 and after three weeks € 5.00 for every lent material. After four weeks it is presumed that you have lost the lent material. An invoice is sent to you in accordance with article 6. At that time the costs for the reminders will be lapsed and turn into administration costs. When you bring back the book after the library has made the invoice, you have to pay the administration costs of € 6.50 per lent material. You can loan, reserve and renew books again as soon as you have brought back the material and/or you have paid the invoice.