Take a look at the latest news from the library of Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Buas Library will be closed during lockdown

During the lockdown the Library will be closed for students but the following services will continue:

  • Books can be handed in via the book trolley at the janitors office at the Horizon building (for students only possible on weekdays at 10:00 and 14:00)
  • Reservations can be picked up via the book trolley at the janitors office at the Horizon building (for students only possible on weekdays at 10:00 and 14:00)
  • Do you need a specific book or material during this period? Contact the library via and make a request. If it is available, Library staff will send you a confirmation and pick up notice. You can then collect the material at the book trolley at the janitors office at the horizon building.
  • Do you already have a library book/material at home? You do not have to worry about the return date. All borrowed materials & books have been given a new extended lending date: 8 March 2021. This means you will not be asked to return a material before this date and no fines will be handed out.

Online Library
The online library will also remain accessible 24/7 :   
This allows you to still search and use over 60 online databases from wherever you are. And you can also find and use E-books via the resources on this website.

BUas staff 
Buas staff can still visit the library, but they will also have to pick up reserved book via the book trolley at the janitors office at the Horizon building. 

Questions? => contact library staff via

Or call: 076-5332290 (weekdays: 08:30-17:00)

Or for specific research questions: mail to the information specialists via the domain pages on the library website

We apologize for any inconvenience and promise to maintain service as best as we can.

Library introduces longer lending period!

The Library has decided to extend the lending period of library items from 3 weeks to 3 months.

With this new lending period we want to support students & staff who need the items for a longer period of time, for example in the case of study trips, placement preparation and thesis research. It also means that the majority of the library collection can now be borrowed for a longer period without having to extend the lending period. This also means the risk of overdue fines for students will be reduced.

The extended lending period will not apply to study books, books with a short-lending notice, journals, DVDs,  board games, and video games.

The extended lending period will in effect from 16 March 2020.

Please note that any items borrowed before this date will still have the normal lending period of 3 weeks.

Questions? Please contact us via

Get help from your comfy chair!

Could you use a helping hand with finding the proper information for your assignment, thesis, or research? Then follow one of our monthly online webinars from your comfy chair at home. Learn how to come up with an adequate (re)search question, use effective search words, select and use the resources of the Library, and correctly present your product.

You can subscribe to the following online webinars:

  • Library Introduction & Basic Information Skills
  • Advanced Information Skills
  • Information Skills for Faculty
  • Exploring Library Databases
  • Endnote
  • Google & Google Scholar

Check our webinar overview for the dates and times. For further questions, you can always contact us via

New in our collection

There are various new additions to the library collections. 
Check out the selection of new additions per domain: 

If you would like to borrow one or more of these materials, please let us know by contacting us via

Have you visited the library in the Horizon building yet?

During the summer of 2018 we moved 2 library collections (Tourism and Hotel & Facility) to the convent (a.k.a. The Horizon Building) and one library collection (Games & Media) has moved to the Sibeliuslaan.

As of October 21 2019 the collections of Built Environment & Logistics and Leisure & Events will be integrated into the convent library. Games and Media will move in after the Christmas Break in 2020.


Library self-service corner

What can you find in this library?

  • Books, paper & bound journals for Tourism, Hotel & Facility, Built Environment & Logistics and Leisure & Events.
  • Self-service corner; You can borrow and return books yourself and pay fines contactless and via pin.
  • Did you reserve book(s) and received an email? You can pick up book(s) yourself (behind the self-service corner). Don’t forget to add it to your account!
  • 2 Silent study areas (100+ seats). You can find these behind the corridor. There are different kinds of study spaces available, mostly one person spaces.
  • Library staff to help you find your way.
  • Research desk ‘Ask a librarian’, where you can ask for help when starting desk research for your thesis or an assignment, with finding, selecting and/or evaluating the right resources or when you need help with your reference list. There are also specialists available for questions and advice on publishing and copyrights.
  • Print area with copiers and equipment to bind your assignments, reports etc.
  • Screens to check our catalogue and digital collections

See you soon in the library!

We’re experiencing problems with access to full text articles in Google Scholar. Please use the work-around below.

Choose in the left menu > Settings > Library links > Search for : BUas > Tick off the box > Save. The “Find@BUAS” link will appear and give access to articles . After closing, setting will be lost.  

Questions? Please email us at 

From the 1st of May 2019 newspaper database Lexis Nexis will be permanently replaced by the database Nexis Uni. Lexis Nexis can therefore only be used until the 30th of April.
Nexis Uni has the same content as Lexis Nexis, however if you are using links to content in Lexis Nexis you  will need to replace these.

If you need help with this or if you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact: 

Nexis Uni can be accessed via, choose your domain and select ‘ databases’ or use this direct link: 

The Picarta database, also known as the Dutch Central Catalogue was mostly used for requesting books from libraries outside Buas. As of the 23rd of April it is no longer possible to order books and articles via Picarta yourself, as this functionality is no longer available.

The Dutch Central catalogue, with, amongst others, the overview of library collections from universities and universities of applied sciences, will know be made available via a new platform: You can still use it to search for books and articles.

If you would like to borrow a material you have found via this new platform, you can do so by contacting: 
Individual Picarta accounts cannot be used anymore. If you are in possession of such an account and you need a material from another library, you can also contact 

For questions regarding these changes, please contact