Master Leadership in Supply Chain Management

Breda University of Applied Sciences is planning to start a master’s programme called ‘Leadership in Supply Chain Management’ in 2021. 

To this end, we submitted an application for a macro-efficiency test to the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO).

If the application is approved, the master’s programme can go ahead. A definitive answer regarding this matter is expected in the spring of 2020. Keep an eye on our website to stay updated. 


  • Language: English
  • Mode of delivery: full-time
  • Location: Breda
  • Domain: Logistics
  • Degree: Master of Science

Education connected to industry

Do you want to become the supply chain manager of the future? Future leaders are generalists and specialists, as well as bridge builders between people, departments and between strategic, tactical and operational levels within and between organisations. They are able to organise,  manage,  innovate and implement supply chains.

Study programme

The first semester starts with five courses in Leadership, Research Methods, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Strategy, and Change & Innovation. You will have masterclasses during the first semester. At the end of the semester you will take examinations and hand in assignments for these courses. Moreover, you will submit a thesis topic and a graduation internship for approval.

 In the second semester you will start with the course of Supply Chain Case Studies. In this course you will learn to integrate and apply the different disciplines from the first semester in several supply chain cases. ln week 5 of the second semester you will start at your graduation company with  preliminary research and a research design. After that, the thesis period will begin. During the thesis period you will be challenged to design and improve a supply chain on a strategical level, to implement supply chain solutions and to develop a leadership style.

Throughout the entire second semester you will also be part of  learning communities. In these communities, students, lecturers and industry professionals work together to learn from each other.  

All examinations, assignments and the thesis will be assessed on an individual basis.