Tuition fee

In the academic year 2020-2021 the statutory tuition fee for bachelor programmes is €2,143. First-year students pay €1,071.

You pay the statutory tuition fee if you:

  • have the Dutch nationality or the nationality of another country that is part of the EEA, or the Surinamese or Swiss nationality and
  • have not already obtained a bachelor's degree from a government-funded programme in the Netherlands at the start of the academic year.

If these conditions do not apply to you, there may be other conditions through which you are eligible for the statutory tuition fee. To find out, please check the tuition fee regulation.

In all other cases you pay the institutional tuition fee. In the academic year 2020-2021 the institutional fee for bachelor's programmes is €9,950.

Information about payment

NON-EU students, please take into account the costs of the immigration procedure.

Study grant

If you qualify for a study grant, you will need to apply for this study grant at DUO Studiefinanciering (called ‘studiefinanciering’ in Dutch).

Additional costs

Besides the nationally-set tuition fee, please take into account the cost of:

  • A laptop 

The choice for a laptop is not an easy one, give it some thought and spend your money wisely. The choice you make depends on your own preferences for home-use as well as for the use of the laptop at Buas. Our ICT department does the following recommendations:

Windows-based laptop

- Apple is not compatible with some programs that are used for educational purposes;
- Chromebooks can only use web- or usb storage (not user friendly) and no additional programs can be installed to use some of the educational software;
- Tablets have the same limitations as the Chromebooks.

Minimal specifications of the Windows laptop:

Processor: minimal i3. i5 or up is preferable.

Storage: SSD (faster and more reliable than normal drives), capacity depends on home-use wishes, 128 is bare-minimum, 256 or up gives you more storage options.

Size of the screen: is dependable on your own preference, 12”, easier to transport, 15” standard size most chosen, 17” game and movie machine but heavier to transport.

Model/make: choose wisely, HP/Dell dependable office machines, Acer/Asus/Lenovo look nicer and aimed at consumers, Packard Bell/Medion are low budget, but less dependable.

Video card: onboard video card is enough for office use, for gaming and movie-editing choose a laptop with an additional videocard with higher video capability.

Additional hardware, installed in the laptop

- HDMI port for connecting to screens in classrooms for presentations;
- Number of USB-ports depends on your own preference, but at least 2;
- WiFi preferable: Intel chipset with AC support (best compatible Buas network).



  • The introduction programme €135
  • Textbooks: 
    • propaedeutic phase €550 
    • other years, PM
  • Company visits and excursion: *
    • propaedeutic phase: €400
    • main phase I: €375
    • main phase II: €350
  • Purchase uniform for Sibelicious (the training company); an apron, a scarf/ tie and two blouses) €90
  • Facilities of the training company (Sibelicious) and the Food & Beverage components of the curriculum, like utensils/ cutlery, ingredients for kitchen and restaurant facilities €160 

All prices are subject to change.

* Breda University of Applied Sciences offers the opportunity to do a (free) alternative assignment in case a student can’t join the regular excursion programme.