Artificial Intelligence & Data Management

Are you fascinated by new technology and the way it impacts life? Artificial Intelligence & Data Management offers you a role in the heart of what is happening in this field.

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Study overview

In this programme you will be trained in Data Science, AI, consultancy skills and technological (programming) skills. Game careers require you to have both a broad knowledge of data management & Artificial Intelligence and deep skills in your chosen area of expertise, Data Science, Consultancy and Programming.

Role based learning

The educational structure of this programme is based on Role-Based Learning (RBL) as well as Project-Based Learning (PBL). This is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills in their chosen role by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge. The focus is on facilitating students to become self-driven learners who can analyse a problem and use all the resources around them to find solutions. 

During your four years of study you will work in a simulated DataLab on different data projects. The majority of your time will be spent working on projects either individually or in groups, and attending workshops. 

Year 1

The first year consists of four blocks. They cover basic skills that build towards tightly defined projects to enhance your knowledge, all supported by lectures and seminars. Typical courses are:

  • AI & Future markets
  • Project & change management
  • Data Science
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Programming in Python
  • Data interface design

One day a week you work on projects in DataLab.

Year 2

Year 2 consists of four blocks. Courses are taught for further developing your basic skills in your chosen role: Data Scientist, Consultant or programmer. One day a week you work on projects in DataLab.

Year 3

In the first semester of the third year we switch to full time project education in DataLab. You specialise further in the chosen role. Moreover you specialise in a certain domain, e.g. data & AI for logistics, built environment, consumer interaction, media or game development. You also have the possibility to go on exchange for one semester.

In the second half of the year you do a placement.

Year 4

In the graduation year you work on two projects that may include:

  • a portfolio project individually or in a group (always assessed individually);
  • working at a company (with a project deliverable);
  • developing a business plan to start your own company, supported by our entrepreneurship start-up specialists;
  • Taking part in a one-semester exchange programme at our partner universities.

Or combine the two projects and work on a year-long project, or go on a year-long internship.
We also encourage our students to go abroad during their studies. In year 4, students participate in projects at companies around the world.


In your fourth year you can also opt for a pre-master’s programme of a Dutch research university to gain direct access to their master’s programmes.  

In addition, BUas also offers its own pre-master's programme Strategic Business Management and Marketing (SBM). If your academic results are good, you will be offered the opportunity of attending this pre-master’s programme. Successful completion of this track will give you direct access, after Breda University of Applied Sciences, to various Master of Science programmes in business-related studies in management and marketing at several partner universities. A few examples are the universities of Maastricht, Tilburg, Brussels (B) and Warwick (UK). In this way, it will be possible for you to earn an academic master's degree within five years' time or, after having completed an accelerated three-year track, even within four years' time.



Artificial Intelligence & Data Management is a varied, challenging programme: 

  • You will be working in teams for many hours per week – it is definitely a full-time course of study
  • You will be backed up by professional knowledge and theory

We have high standards. We are looking for people who:

  • Understand the roles that they are asking to study
  • Are engaged with the topics taught

In practice, AI and data projects are not carried out by individuals, but in teams. A team generally consists of a Data Modeler/Scientist, a Data/AI-engineer, a Data Visualisation Specialist and a Data Consultant (Digital Transformation Specialist). The student specialises in one of these roles.

Many of the sectors that BUas trains for are being radically changed by the emergence of AI applications. In urban development, AI applications in smart cities can increase well-being. In logistics, smart inventory management and forecasting, integration of companies through data (industry 4.0) in combination with robotised warehouses ensure more efficient (and more labour-intensive) production. In the media industry, adaptive interfaces ensure that content and advertising are better tailored to individual users. Similarly, the tourism and hospitality industry aim to better tailor their offers to individuals. Chatbots directed by AI contribute to this. AI can contribute to problems such as over-tourism through smart approaches to crowd management. In the third year, students choose an application area. They are taught relevant sector knowledge and the role of data in workshops. In the DataLab they work on the solution of a problem from the chosen sector.

Through a 4- to 5-month exchange with one of our many global partner universities, you can have an international experience while maintaining your academic achievement level. We encourage you to go abroad since this will enhance your employability internationally after graduation. Other advantages are increasing your international network, learning other languages and increasing your understanding of cross-cultural differences (and, of course, also similarities). We can guarantee that your perspectives will shift to a global view!


Your career

The demand for data & AI specialists on the labour market is very high. According to the Human Capital group of the Dutch AI Coalition, the Netherlands needs:

  • Tens of thousands of Data & AI specialists, analysts, consultants and engineers;
  • Hundreds of thousands of domain specialists that know of the possibilities of Data & AI;
  • Millions of people that are able to work with Data & AI applications.

BUas’ Artificial Intelligence & Data Management programme educates the first group. A job is therefore almost assured after graduation.