Artificial Intelligence & Data Management

A differentiation of the Creative Media and Game Technologies bachelor's programme

Virtual assistants like Siri, the Netflix opening screen and controlling autonomous cars, all these things are possible thanks to the use of data and the application of artificial intelligence. Do you have a mind for data? If so, the new Artificial Intelligence & Data Management specialisation is made for you!

Study overview

During all four years of your study, you will work in teams and develop into a data specialist, project manager/consultant or an AI programmer.

In the first year of this  English-taught differentiation  you will take theory courses and  work on practical assignments  in our Data Lab. Examples of  first-year projects: Image  Recognition, Data Mining and a  data project for the municipality  of Breda. 

  • Examples of first-year courses:
  • Introduction to Data  Science
  • Programming in Python
  • AI and future markets
  • Calculus
  • Introduction to AI
  • Introduction to Neural Networks
  • Ethics and Law
  • Statistics
  • Research Methods
  • User-centred Design

In the third year there will be a  work shadowing placement and  in the fourth year a graduation  internship. In both years you  will work on projects for  external businesses and  organisations.

What jobs are out there? 

A few examples:

  • AI Programmer at Ubisoft
  • Machine Learning Expert at Talpa Network
  • AI Consultant at Pink Elephant
  • Data Consultant at ABN AMRO
  • Interface Designer at Google
  • Data Scientist at a real estate developer