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Ordering books & journals

(for staff only)

  • For books: Use this form 
    E-books (for personal use only), can only be read via Adobe digital edition or similar DRM (Digital Rights Management) software.
  • For magazine subscriptions: please email your request to, attn. Johanne van Rooijen and Helma van Noije

Ordering or borrowing?

Did you know that, when a book is not available, you can request to have it included in the library collection? Did you know that you can also borrow books longer than the regular three months’ lending period?

If you need the book longer, just tell the staff at the lending desk how long you need it. The return date will then be set at the date you specify. 

Did you know that if a book is on the required reading list for students, the lecturer can get a copy of the book free of charge or at a reduced rate from the publisher?

Do you like to have a publication included in the library collection?

Please mail to