Library basics

You are allowed to have a maximum of 10 items on loan (except Reference works) for a loan period of 1 week (study/booklist books, DVD’s, journals, games (only game students) or 3 months (books). Your student/employee card is also you library card.

In the convent library you can borrow materials via self-service.

Questions? Please ask our colleagues at the Information desk, via or phone 076-5332290.

The library will charge a fine per library item to students who fail to return their library items before the due date. You will receive a maximum of 4 reminders.

You can pay fines at the self-service corner (Convent library) or the library desks by means of a bank card.

When the fine is over € 10, you are not allowed to borrow or renew the lending period of items.

Received an invoice?

After the 4th reminder and no response we will send you a formal letter with an invoice via the financial department of Breda University of Applied Sciences, charging individual book costs and administration costs of € 6.50 per item. If books are missing you can pay the invoice. If books are still in your possession, please hand them in at the library desk and only pay for the administration costs.

Questions? Please contact us via or by phone 076-5332290.

Via Borrower Information in the tool bar in the library catalogue you can renew the lending period of library materials. By renewing your items before the due date, you will avoid fines and you will be able to keep the items for a longer period of time.

Questions? Please contact us via or by phone 076-5332290.

All students and staff members of Breda University of Applied Sciences can make reservations via the catalogue for library items that are currently on loan. As soon as the items are returned, you will receive an e-mail informing you that the items are now available for you at one of the locations of the library.

You can only reserve items which someone else has borrowed. You cannot reserve items online that are on the shelves in the library (one of two locations). It is possible to order books from another location. There is a daily courier service.

Questions? Please contact us via or by phone 076-5332290.

If you are on placement/graduation and not allowed to visit the campus during the day, you still can make use of the library and our services:

  • The library will be open for you: Mon-Thu: 19:00 - 22:00  | Fri: 17:00 - 18:00. Library staff is not present after 19:00 (Fri: 17:00) but you can pick up reserved books, borrow and return materials via self-service.
  • Need help with research? Please contact our information specialists via Meet the Librarian and make an appointment for an (online) meeting.
  • You can access the Library catalogue and digital collections 24/7 via 
  • Questions? Send us an email or phone 076-5332290

You can search the (digital) collections of our library via the website. This website features very user-friendly search options for the catalogue, and the various databases, journals and e-books, of which a large part can be accessed outside Breda University of Applied Sciences. Via Metasearch, you can search simultaneously in several databases. Use of Google Scholar via our list of databases gives you access to (if access is provided by licence) the full-text versions of articles, (e-)books, reports etc.

Questions? Please contact us via or by phone 076-5332290.