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Are you curious about publications, presentations or consultancy work by our researchers?

Breda University of Applied Sciences wants to create close links between education, research and industry. To support this policy, knowledge and knowledge products are made as widely available as possible to business and government, employees, and other interested parties. We use Pure, a research information and registration system. An up-to-date overview of all knowledge output of employees in this system can be found in the Pure webportal.

Pure is managed by the library. We keep records up to date, such as publications, conference proceedings, lectures, presentations, reports, designs, and so on.

Researchers can submit their knowledge output via a web form. It will be added to Pure within 2 weeks.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact:

Pure webportal

Shows you research output and activities of Breda University of Applied Sciences experts.
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Submit your research output & activities: use the Pure entry form
Submit your research project: use this form.
Submit or change your Pure profile: use this form.

From submitting to registration (for researchers)

Conditions for proper registration and visibility in Pure Knowledge Database:

  • The author / ‘owner’ of the output supplies all required bibliographical data via the web form on the library website or Selfservice desk. Did you write an article or give a lecture together with other colleagues? Submit it once, and mention all authors or speakers, including those who aren’t employees of Breda University of Applied Sciences.
  • One of the conditions for keeping our database up to date, is of course timely and complete submission of data to the database managers.
  • All output will be checked by Pure administrators. If they come across any incomplete or incorrect data, they will contact the submitter to ask for additional information.
  • You can attach full-text PDF files to the web form. Depending on the copyright situation, these files can be linked to the description of your output and will be open access available via the Pure Portal.
  • The Pure administrators will ensure correct data entry into Pure.
  • The Pure administrators will ensure visibility of the output on the Pure portal. 
  • The Pure administrators will supply reports per academy / supporting service. 
  • Superiors can use these reports for the purpose of the HRM cycle.