Tuition fee

In the academic year 2021-2022 the statutory tuition fee for bachelor programmes is €2,168. First-year students pay €1,084.

You pay the statutory tuition fee if you:

  • have the Dutch nationality or the nationality of another country that is part of the EEA, or the Surinamese or Swiss nationality and
  • have not already obtained a bachelor's degree from a government-funded programme in the Netherlands at the start of the academic year.

If these conditions do not apply to you, there may be other conditions through which you are eligible for the statutory tuition fee. To find out, please check the tuition fee regulation.

In all other cases you pay the institutional tuition fee. In the academic year 2021-2022 the institutional fee for bachelor's programmes is €9,990.

Information about payment

NON-EU students, please take into account the costs of the immigration procedure.

Please note: Creative Media and Game Technologies is proud to have been awarded the national Distinctive Feature "Small Scale Intensive Education" in February, 2020, subject to processing and official confirmation by the NVAO and Ministry of OCW. This requires an additional student fee of €526 apart from the statutory tuition fee. This extra fee will be invested in improving the quality of the degree programme. As previously stated, the additional student fee was to be introduced in the 2020-2021 academic year for first-year students. Due to processing delays, this will now be introduced for the incoming 2020-2021 students in their 2nd year, along with all future incoming first-year students. The fee then remains applicable in each year thereafter.

Study grant

If you qualify for a study grant, you will need to apply for this study grant at DUO Studiefinanciering (called ‘studiefinanciering’ in Dutch).

Additional costs

Besides the nationally-set tuition fee, please take into account the cost of:

  • A laptop, click here for the technical requirements (pdf)
  • Software € 50 - € 150 (every year)
  • Textbooks, readers, materials € 50 - € 200 (every year)
  • Introduction week € 135 (year 1)
  • We encourage students to do an international work placement or exchange (costs vary according to the destination) in study year 3 and/or 4.

Note: all prices are indications and subject to change