For professionals

Learning does not stop with a degree. Lifelong learning is needed to keep up with developments in society. Our executive programmes and courses for professionals are provided by lecturers with extensive experience in the industry.

Executive master’s programmes

The executive master’s programmes are taught by lecturers with ample experience in the field. The programmes have been designed especially for professionals who want to improve their strategic and creative thinking skills through acquiring deeper theoretical understanding and cooperating with others. 

Executive Master Imagineering

Do you want to build and strengthen your expertise to innovate, participate and lead processes of collaboration and creativity? Then choose the Imagineering approach! 

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Executive Master Media Innovation

Do you work in the media industry and want to develop further? Then join our one-year English taught master's programme! This programme is provided entirely online.

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Master Strategic Events Management

Would you like to further specialise in the dynamic, fast-moving, and experience-focused event industry? Let’s meet at the Master Strategic Events Management! 

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Master Strategic Event Management

Professional doctorate

A professional doctorate is a doctorate programme for universities of applied sciences. Master's degree students, lecturers and industry professionals are invited to obtain a doctorate through applied research within their chosen field. BUas is involved in two domains within this programme, which will run from 2023 to 2027: Leisure Tourism & Hospitality, and Arts + Creative.

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