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An overview of the Research & Development facilities at BUas

We never stop searching for new ideas

In all our domains of expertise, boundaries are constantly pushed, and our researchers and students never stop searching for new ideas and technologies that can change the world. In our high-end labs and studios, we conduct Research & Development and provide our students with a unique set of skills for life to keep up in a continuously changing world.

Our Labs & Studios

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Cradle R&D Lab


In the Cradle lab, students and researchers design and create the next generation of digital realities. The team also consists of professionals from the creative media and games industry, such as programmers, artists and designers. Projects include the integration of geodata and big data, models, and simulations with artificial intelligence, advanced game technology, motion capture suits, VR/AR, and playful interactions.

Experience Lab

The Experience Lab is a state-of-the-art experience research and design facility. It houses equipment for measuring emotions and experiences directly from the body and the brain, using psychophysiological and neuroscience techniques. Researchers, students and industry partners work together to develop innovative scientific methods for measuring experiences. The projects contribute to solving persistent industry issues such as service quality, physical environment design, staff training, and crowding.

Motion Capturing Studio

In the Motion Capturing Studio, students and staff can work with state-of-the-art MoCap technology such as gloves, full body suits, and high-fidelity camera tracking, for media products such as games, movies and advertising.

Photogrammetry Studio

The Photogrammetry Studio allows students and staff to scan humans and objects in 3D. The studio consists of 33 individual cameras with custom software which capture every single detail. The custom pipeline developed by Cradle has an easy workflow and produces quick results.


The TasteLab is a physical space where students, researchers and industry partners can create new food concepts and experiences that can be tested and measured in a controlled environment. Eight cameras and wearable devices allow for monitoring, recording and measuring of consumers’ emotional responses through physiological measurements (e.g. facial expressions) in combination with consumers’ own reports of their food and beverage experience. 3D food printers in the TasteLab allow for exploration of solutions to reuse food waste and introduce sustainable alternative foods to the market.

XR Lab - Extended Reality

The XR Lab is dedicated to the research and development of Extended Reality (XR) experiences, which includes Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). Researchers, students and developers work on XR applications in fields such as entertainment, education, and healthcare, to determine the experience and impact on these fields.

XR Stage – Virtual Production

BUas is the first university of applied sciences in Europe to have a full-fledged Extended Reality (XR) stage with LED screen available for its students. The giant LED screen can display real-time content which allows actors to see what’s going on in the scene instead of green screen walls, minimising the post-production process.