It's time to choose your minor and find something that really suits you! But how do you start your selection process and make the right choice? We are here to help you.

Types of minors

Discover new study opportunities with a minor! Whether you want to go deeper into your current field or broaden your horizons, a minor - which lasts one semester - gives you the freedom to personalise your studies.

You can choose to explore your field in more depth or develop your professional skills in a broader context. A minor offers flexibility and makes your studies unique and personal.

You can choose from nearly 25 different minors at BUas.

Minor overview

Aviation Management (1st semester 24/25)

Crowd Safety in Hubs & Events (1st semester 24/25)

Change Management; how to successfully drive change in organisations (1st semester 24/25)

A Supply Chain Cycle challenge in the Bicycle Industry (1st semester 24/25)

International urban redevelopment: towards sustainable cities and mobility (1st semester 24/25)

Bridging your field of expertise with Data Science & Artificial Intelligence: A Minor for interdisciplinary innovation and collaboration: the art of data translation. (1st semester 24/25)

Esports Event & Media Management (1st semester 24/25)

Building your own Business (1st semester 24/25)

How to shape a sustainable world? (1st semester 24/25)

The Business of Hotels (1st semester 24/25)

Design and Strategies for Themed Entertainment (1st semester 24/25)

Co-Creating Events & Designing Experiences (1st semester 24/25)

Designing processes for societal impact making (1st semester 24/25)

Storytelling in Experience Design (1st semester 24/25)

Live Music & Dance Events (1st semester 24/25)

Strategic Events Management (1st semester 24/25)

Inclusive Placemaking: Designing Community-Centred Destinations (1st semester 24/25)

Newways Training Company: practical experience in (business)events and travel (1st semester 24/25)

Digital Marketing in the Tourism sector (1st semester 24/25)

Tourism Impact Lab (1st semester 24/25)


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Change Management

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Sustainability & Professional Identity

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Bridging Your Field of Expertise with Data Science & AI

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Esports Event & Media Management

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How to apply?

You can choose this minor if you study at BUas, but students from other higher education institutes are also warmly invited to join. This makes for a diverse and inspiring classroom!

How to apply: BUas students

For BUas students, the application option in Osiris opens from March. When you apply in Osiris you can indicate two preferences, these can be two different minors at BUas, but you should also indicate if you prefer to take an external minor.

Please note that application will be open from 4 March (midnight) to 28 March and that applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

How to apply: non-BUas students

From 10 January, all information regarding the minors for 2024 -2025 will be available on Kies op Maat. From 5 February to 17 May, the application option and thus the download of the learning agreement will be open on Kies op Maat

The full step-by-step plan:

  1. Download the learning agreement on Kies op Maat. Ask your own university of applied sciences to sign the learning agreement for approval. 
  2. Start your application via Studielink – this is possible until 28 June. Go to the Study Programmes tab and click 'add new enrolment application'. Then click at 'Educational institution' on Breda University of Applied Sciences and enter 'Minor' or 'KOM' as search term. A list of BUas KOM minors per academy will appear.  Make sure you apply for the right minor. Click here to see the correct manner to start your application on Studielink. After registering in Studielink you will receive two emails: one confirming your registration with BUas and immediately afterwards an email containing the login codes for and the link to Osiris Registration from BUas. If you do not receive the second e-mail, check your spam first and otherwise send an e-mail to minordesk@buas.nl.
  3. Receive access to My Online Application. Here you can complete – and keep track of – the next steps of your application. 
  4. Upload the signed learning agreement in My Online Application (note: the learning agreement must be signed by your own university of applied sciences and yourself before uploading it on My Online Application)
  5. Request ‘Proof of Paid Tuition Fee’ statement. Since you are coming to BUas temporarily for a minor, it is important that you arrange payment with your own university of applied sciences. Once you have arranged payment, you will need to provide BUas with proof by means of a ‘Proof of Paid Tuition Fee’ statement. You can request this statement via Studielink, see the step-by-step plan here. Should it not be possible to request this via Studielink, you will need to contact your university of applied sciences yourself to request this document.

Make sure you complete all steps on time, as mentioned there are deadlines for downloading the learning agreement and starting your application. Once you have made a start in My Online Application, you have until 1 September / the start of the minor at the latest to complete your steps. Please note: 

  • Some minors have limited numbers of places available. Students will be admitted in order of application.
  • If you are a student of an institution affiliated to Kies op Maat, the rules and agreements of Kies op Maat apply. The costs of the minor will be settled between BUas and your home institution. As a student, you won’t notice anything about this. 
  • If you are a student from a government-funded institution that is not affiliated to Kies op Maat, we will make separate arrangements about financing the minor before the start of the minor.


External minor in the Netherlands

If you are considering taking an external minor in the Netherlands, it is important to consider the following issues: 

  • You need permission from your academy's board of examiners and the other educational institution to participate in an external minor. 
  • The application period for an external minor varies per minor/institution. Please inform yourself in good time via www.kiesopmaat.nl.
  • A minor consists of 30 ECTS credits and will have to be completed in its entirety. Failure to complete an external minor in its entirety will result in study delay. 
  • If you apply for a minor not covered by the Kies Op Maat programme, the timeline and procedure will be different. You will also have to pay extra tuition fees. 

You can apply for an external minor via the website of Kies Op Maat: www.kiesopmaat.nl (the website is also in English and German). When you have successfully completed the external minor, you will receive a certificate from the institution at which you took the external minor. You are responsible for sending this certificate to the board of examiners so that we at BUas can process your results.

Minor abroad

It is also possible to do an Exchange in year 4. The portal contains more detailed information about this option:  Education > Going abroad > Exchange

If you have any questions about this matter, please feel free to contact exchange@buas.nl.