Would you like to take an in-depth view of your own discipline or specialism during the minor period? Or would you rather focus on practice-based issues from several disciplines?

Broadening or deepening?

"Great mix between theory and experiencing the importance of crowd safety yourself by working with actual clients"

Students of the minor in Crowd Safety

At Breda University of Applied Sciences, you have an opportunity to attend a broadening or a deepening minor, which you can profile yourself with as a future professional. In all minor programmes, assignments and business cases are designed in conjunction with industry partners. BUas students attend minors in the first semester of the fourth year of study, but external students can also attend our minors.

Broadening minor

If you attend a broadening minor, you will broaden your knowledge and skills, looking beyond the boundaries of your own discipline. You will work together with students and lecturers from various academies and disciplines, enabling you to adopt a more interdisciplinary thinking and working approach. Because of the interdisciplinary character of these minors, they are open to all students within Breda University of Applied Sciences and external minor students of institutes affiliated to Kies op Maat No specific admission requirements apply to the broadening minors. All these minors are delivered in English.

Deepening minor

If you do a deepening programme-specific minor at Breda University of Applied Sciences, you will deepen your knowledge and skills by further specialising in your own discipline. A large number of programme-specific minors are also accessible to students attending a related degree programme at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

External students can also attend deepening minors via Kies op Maat under certain conditions – as well as students of institutions the academies have established agreements with for the purpose of mutual student exchanges within their own discipline. Deepening minors are delivered either in Dutch or in English.

The minor offerings are reviewed every year. Our minor offerings can be found on the Kies op Maat website.

If you have any questions about the application procedure, deadlines and admission requirements (if any), please feel free to contact us via minordesk@buas.nl.

This minor increased my confidence at being professional in unfamiliar industries, and gave me the opportunity to develop and test an otherwise unused business idea.
This minor has helped me realise who I am, both as a person and a professional, and the changes I can realise
This minor gave me understanding of the entire process of production of events and experiences, by collaborating with and learning from different personalities, who have various backgrounds.