Valkenberg Breda, T-huis

Breda student city

Breda has about 180,000 inhabitants, about 20,000 of which are young students. Not what you would call a small city, but its centre is well-organised, compact and charming. No wonder Breda was voted the best city centre in the Netherlands.

Bustling Breda

Discover Breda as your new student city! Breda is bursting with cafés, terraces, fun eateries, pubs and clubs. You will also find lots of trendy shops and coffee bars. Sports, culture, events... Breda has it all. And also plenty of nice places to chill out with your friends. So you will not be bored for a moment and, as a student, you get discounts in many places.

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To-do tips

Events & festivals

Breda is a dynamic city with a full calendar. Below is a selection of the events and festivals that return every year. One of them is the HBO Intro Festival Breda that takes place in September. An absolute must for all students, first-years and senior-years alike, who want to get their academic year off to a good start.

Januari until March

  • Ploegendienst Winterfestival
  • Duikboot Lentefestival

April and May

  • 538 Koningsdag
  • Sun Festival Breda
  • Kanonnen van Oranje
  • Spanjaardsgat Festival
  • Breda Jazz Festival
  • Dancetour Breda

June en Juli

  • Brand Parkies Breda
  • Breda Drijft
  • Popfestival Breda Live
  • Ploegendienst Zomerfestival
  • Internationaal Stiltefestival (dans)

August and September

  • HBO Intro Festival Breda
  • Breda in Concert
  • Breda Barst
  • Tranen van Van Cooth
  • Duikboot Zomerfestival
  • Popfestival Breda Barst
  • Hartje Ginneken
  • Dream Village Festival


  • Singelloop Breda
  • Redhead Days
  • BredaPhoto (eens in de twee jaar)
  • Plantage B
  • Singelloop Breda
Concerts, theatres and films

Mezz pop venue is the centre of pop music activities in Breda. Here, you can enjoy concerts and dance nights in all styles of music. Some 250 performances take place every year. Join the music!
In Chassé theatre, Chassé Cinema, Pathé Breda or Kinepolis, there is always something interesting to see. For students especially, Chassé has its own ‘cultuurfreak’ programme with great discounts. 

Student associations and clubs

Studying in Breda also means living the student life. BUas has various student associations and clubs. They organise parties, sports and games activities, excursions and other events. See which ones there are and choose something to your liking.


Do you like to do sports? As a student, you can exercise inexpensively through BRESS (Breda Student Sports Association). A great way to burn off those unhealthy foods.

Places to chill

Go and chill out with your friends at Belcrum beach, Breda’s city beach. Nearby you will also find Podium Bloos and indoor Skatepark Pier 15. Super cool!

If you walk from the NS railway station to the city centre, the shortest route is through Valkenberg Park. In summer, you can hang out with your friends in this green oasis. Bring your own picnic blanket and some drinks and stay until the sun goes down.

There are also free weekly live performances and film screenings during the summer months. And every autumn there is the pop festival Breda Barst.

Fun places to study

Great fun, this living together with other students in a student house, but sometimes you just want a place to retreat to and focus entirely on your school assignments. 

  • Koffie bij Teun is great for studying during the week. The café is adjacent to the shopping centre - ideal if you need to get something in between, but not for too long as there is also studying to be done.
  • Of course, there are plenty of places at BUas where you can retreat and focus on your school assignments. Personally, I find Innovation Square a very nice place to brainstorm or study for a while.
  • COFFEELAB Breda is only 1.5 km away from BUas. It is one of the many relaxed places where you can study. 
  • Anne & Max is also known as the city's living room. There is plenty of space here for concentrated studying, but also for having a coffee or playing a game with your friends.


Platform Breda Internationals

We believe that internationals can feel at home everywhere if they have access to the right resources in their adoptive city.

Platform Breda Internationals aims to support the international community in accessing all these resources and ultimately give them a feeling of belonging to the city of Breda.

Learn more about the ins and outs of settling down and making a new life in Breda on the website Breda Internationals.