Why study at BUas

Would you like to experience different cultures, while also making new friends for life? Are you looking for top-quality education and great career opportunities? Find out what it's like to study at Breda University of Applied Sciences!

Why take it from us? Listen to our students!

A central location, a beautiful green campus and a safe city. These are only some reasons why our international students chose to study at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

In this video, Meggy mentions 10 reasons why you should choose BUas in the Netherlands.

Discover BUas

Breda University of Applied Sciences is an international higher education institute that currently caters for over 7,000 students from more than 100 countries. Our campus is situated in the south of the Netherlands, in the vibrant student city of Breda.

We prepare students for management-level positions in an international setting in the Domains of Built Environment, Facility, Games, Hotel, Leisure & Events, Logistics, Media, Tourism and Data Science & AI.

You choose BUas because.....

you do not want to be a number;

With around 7,000 students, we are a small-scale university of applied sciences. Lecturers know you by name and are easily accessible for help or advice.

you choose the best;

We cooperate with businesses operating at the top of their fields. This means that you can get work placement positions at some of the big names in your field of expertise such as Samsung, Disney, Google, KLM and Hilton.

you are an international citizen;

In our large international network we cooperate with other universities and companies in education and research. To you this means a lot of opportunities abroad. For instance exchanges, research projects and field trips.

you are an entrepreneur to be;

Entrepreneurship is at the core of our learning community. You learn how to convert ideas into concrete goals, actions and end results, You are encouraged to start your own business, it can even be your graduation project!

quality is important to you;

We are internationally accredited by amongst others the UN World Tourism Organization, the World Leisure Organization and the International Facility Management Association. Furthermore we have an ECA certificate for Quality in Programme Internationalisation.

you enjoy beautiful surroundings;

Our new and green campus is located near the centre of student city Breda. The campus boasts many opportunities for meeting people and finding inspiration. The city itself is fun, safe and internationally oriented

the Netherlands has a high score in various rankings;

Our country has high rankings in the Global Innovation Index, the Global Competitiveness Report, and the World Happiness Report of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

our degree programmes are based on the Dutch education system.

The Dutch higher educational system has an excellent reputation worldwide.  The teaching style can be described as interactive and student-centred, providing students with the attention and freedom they need to develop their own opinions and creativity while applying their acquired knowledge.