Student counselling

Studying is not something you do alone. Nor should you have to! Together we will make sure that you feel good about yourself and that you enjoy studying.

Do you need help, support or advice during your studies at BUas? We have a dedicated team to offer you support whenever you need it:

Study coach

Your first point of contact is your study coach. They guide you in your personal development and you also attend a few hours of their classes every week. You can always go to your coach with questions about study planning, your results, but also if you have problems with something.

Student counsellors

The student counsellors have a position of trust and can help you with special questions or problems. These are often more complex personal or academic issues that may require specific expertise or refer you to specialists. 

Student psychologist

The student counsellor could refer you to the student psychologist. This psychologist works for BUas and obviously also has an independent position of trust. This person is here for you when you are experiencing any psychological problems which are hindering your academic progress.

Confidential counsellor

We take undesired behaviour extremely seriously, and confidential counsellors are always available to you. They are guaranteed to handle any complaints seriously and professionally.