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4-year professional bachelor’s programme | English-taught

4 years
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Learn all about the media landscape 

Have you ever wondered how awesome media concepts work? Interested in the latest trends? And curious about how you can create media products yourself? Breda is the place to discover the world of media. Sounds good? Come and study Creative Business. 

In this study programme you learn everything about radio, television, magazines, online platforms, virtual reality, events, outdoor advertising, online marketing, database marketing and more. During your studies you will work in the Production House, and you have the option to go to the USA or UK to work in a professional television studio.

Why study media at BUas?

  • Small-scale, intensive, with multidisciplinary projects
  • Production House where you work on real industry cases
  • Ultramodern XR Stage for virtual productions

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'I got the opportunity to grow, try and learn new things!'

Maxime, graduate

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'Lecturers are passionate about their field!'

Lisanne, student

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Study overview


Due to changing consumer behaviour, technological developments and digitisation, the media and entertainment industry are rapidly changing industries (Price Waterhouse Cooper, 2016). Moreover, within the changing society, lifelong learning has taken up a more substantial role. This requires graduates of the Creative Business bachelor's programme at Breda University of Applied Sciences (hbo) to be prepared for continuous changes taking place in society and industry.  A new national profile became effective as from September 2018 which served as a guideline to develop a curriculum that fits the needs of the Creative Business industries.

Learning community

Practice-based, connected to the industry

The Creative Business programme is very much practice-based. You will learn about all the ‘ins and outs’ of the industry from lecturers with recent national and international experience in this field. By working on assignments, mostly for real clients, you will discover what Creative Business is all about.

In-school training company

Throughout the entire programme you will spend one day a week working in our own Production House for media students. Here, you will work on assignments and projects often secured from industry, together with other students, such as developing a website, writing a communication plan or organising a media event.


Our curriculum is based on five key themes:

  • Management of the different disciplines in the field of media
  • Community learning in Production House
  • Integration of content
  • Focus on trends & innovations
  • High industry involvement
  • Social & professional skills integrated in all projects

The result is a community-based curriculum that offers students all-encompassing, multidisciplinary projects to work on, in which course content is integrated. Below you will find a more detailed description of each year of study.

Year 1

In the first year, you will be introduced to the international media landscape. You learn about subjects in storytelling, InDesign, marketing, research, and media legislation. There are two semesters and in each semester you will work on a project. The first semester is making an online magazine and in the second semester you will create your own short film.   

For example, you will follow these courses:  

  • An Introduction to Marketing and Marketing & Communication; 
  • A production module which introduces pre-production, production and post-production of audio-visual content, including Image Editing and short film production; 
  • A content orientation module that teaches you how to recognise good content, by completing study topics in story analysis and digital concept development.
Year 2

The second year is the main phase of the study programme. The subjects of management, media psychology, camera and audio, finance, marketing, online production, communication and research will be dealt with in greater detail. The second year, divided into semesters 3 and  4, contains five projects throughout the year. These are: Design Thinking, short documentary development, Trends & Ethics and Live TV show. You will have the opportunity to go to Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom or Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff in the United States. A professional, state-of-the-art television studio will be at your disposal. 

You will learn to develop ideas or concepts for advertising campaigns, television programmes and multimedia activities. You get more detailed insights into the production techniques of ‘classic’ media, such as radio and television. As the programme is a management education, you will also learn more about the organisational and commercial aspects of the work. How do you ensure that a project is completed on time - before the deadline - and within budget? How do you manage people and their creative differences? 

Years 3 & 4

In these two years you can follow you own study pathway which you will choose at the end of the second year. You will focus more on your own development through a work placement, going on an exchange or attending a minor. For all students it is required in those two years to complete a semester@Buas, a work placement and a capstone (finalisation) project. As we aim for flexibility, the timing as to when to complete the various curriculum components is up to the students.  If you do a semester at BUas, it gives you the opportunity to find out how you operate in a competitive business environment as an entrepreneur and you will participate in Production House as well.

You can choose your own project out of four: trend watching, cross-platform thinking, data-driven decisions, and creating & producing innovative concepts. All these four projects address different areas of interest, such as marketing, production, or content. In addition, research will be part of each project. Each student will close off with a capstone (finalisation) project. This can be something to create, produce or research. 


BUas offers its own pre-master's programme Strategic Business Management and Marketing (SBM). If your academic results are good, you will be offered the opportunity of attending this pre-master’s programme in your fourth year. Successful completion of this track will give you direct access, after Breda University of Applied Sciences, to various Master of Science programmes in business-related studies in management and marketing at several partner universities. A few examples are the universities of Maastricht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. In this way, it will be possible for you to earn an academic master's degree within five years' time or, after having completed an accelerated three-year track, even within four years' time.

After your fourth year, you can also opt for a pre-master’s programme of a Dutch research university to gain direct access to their master’s programmes.  

Study load and coaching

During your studies, you will have 15 hours of lectures a week and 8 hours of work in the Production House, under supervision. This amounts to a total of 23 contact hours a week. Bachelor’s programmes are generally based on a 40-hour working week. This means that you will have about 17 hours a week available for independent study, but this obviously depends largely on your own study pace. 

Our curriculum offers you the opportunity to take charge of your own development, through free electives (optional courses) for instance, and to train your leadership skills. Moreover, in all projects to be carried out, students are always thoroughly briefed and then guided towards the deliverables by experts and supervisors. 

Three-year and tailor-made tracks

Three-year track after vwo, hbo, wo or Hochschulreifezeugnis

The three-year fast track of Creative Business offers students with a vwo (or equivalent), hbo or wo degree, the opportunity to finish the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Business in three years instead of four. With this degree you have access to our master’s programmes, allowing you to obtain a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in just four years.

If you already have a vwo diploma, a ‘Hochschulreifezeugnis’ (Abitur), hbo or wo diploma, Creative Business may be able to offer you the opportunity of completing the programme in just three years.

Are you eligible for the three-year programme? Check the list of appropriate qualifications. For Dutch students the recommended vwo profile is ‘Economie en Maatschappij (E+M)’. Other vwo profiles require independent study to achieve the expected level. All other international applications will be considered on an individual basis to ensure the standard of the diploma is appropriate to the fast track.

Set-up of the three-year track

To ensure students attending the three-year track meet all the requirements for a bachelor’s degree, we have created a programme in which you develop your professional skills in the broadest way possible.

Years 1 & 2

In the first two years, you will be introduced to the broad landscape of the international Creative Business industry.  All subjects and projects offered revolve around creating content, producing media products, and marketing these products. Every year consists of two semesters and in each semester, you will work on projects. Examples of projects you will work on are a short film, short form drama development, branded development, and a live TV show in either the UK, USA or the Netherlands. In every project, research and management play a key role.  

In addition to the projects, you participate in Production House in which you work in teams on an industry assignment. In the first year the client is fictitious, but in your second year you get to work with real clients from the industry and you get to choose a department in which you would like to work. Examples of departments are TV, Radio, Publishing, Interactive and Design Experiences. 

Some of the study units you will be introduced to are:  

  • An Introduction to Marketing and Marketing & Communication; 
  • A production module which introduces pre-production, production and post-production of audio-visual content, including Image Editing and short film production; 
  • A content orientation module that teaches you how to recognise good content, by completing study topics in story analysis and digital concept development.

Year 3

Your third year consists of a semester@BUas and your Capstone work placement project. In the semester@BUas you get the opportunity to further develop your knowledge and skills regarding a specific subject. You can choose your own project out of four that integrate research and a more specialist unit that focuses on either trend-driven innovation, creative producing, cross-platform thinking or data-driven decision making. In addition to these major projects, you also take a course in Entrepreneurship and again participate in one of the Production House departments.

Throughout all three years you will also follow a professional development track in which you learn to develop your personal and professional leadership skills.

The final phase of the programme is the Capstone work placement. Everything that you have learned comes together in this project. You will further specialise as a starting professional by doing a work placement of your choice at a company in the Creative Business industry. You will work on a project for the company which will be your final project for graduation.

Should you be interested in the fast track and if you have questions that are related to the content and set-up of the study programme, please send us an e-mail via

Tailor-made track at De Rooi Pannen and BUas

Do you find the move from havo to hbo just a step too big? Then the tailor-made track for havo graduates may be the perfect choice for you! You will first study at mbo level for two years in the Medewerker Marketing en Communicatie programme at De Rooi Pannen in Tilburg and also at BUas. You will conclude these two years with an mbo level 4 diploma. Afterwards, you will continue your course of study in the Creative Business degree programme at Breda University of Applied Sciences, starting in the second year, and you will obtain your bachelor’s degree within three years’ time.

Application and information 

Do you want to attend the tailor-made track for havo graduates? Please feel free to contact BUas coordinator Cagri Sumengen or De Rooi Pannen coordinator Bas Horsten. Want to learn more about the tailor-made track for havo graduates? Check out de Rooi Pannen or watch the Dutch video below.

This video consists of several chapters. Click on the icons to see more content.


During a 4 to 5 month exchange with one of our many global partner universities, you can have an international experience while maintaining your academic level of achievement. We encourage you to go abroad since this will enhance your employability internationally after graduation. Other advantages are increasing your international network, learning other languages and increasing your understanding of cross-cultural differences (and, naturally, also similarities). We can guarantee that your perspectives will shift to a global view!

We have built up partnerships with a large number of universities all over the world who will be happy to accommodate your exchange.

We are able to offer you the following universities:

  • Bournemouth University (UK)
  • Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, USA)
  • Hanyang University (Seoul, South-Korea)
  • London School of Public Relations (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • Ehrvervaskademiet Lillebaelt (Denmark)
  • University of Vic (Spain)
  • Bilkent University (Ankara, Turkey)
  • Bilgi University (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Westerdals (Oslo, Norway)


At BUas you are trained to become an entrepreneurial professional. In all the professional bachelor’s programmes, you are given the opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial skills. Alongside your studies, you can join BUas Startup Support, BUSS. BUSS organises (networking) events and connects student startup entrepreneurs, there is even the possibility to apply for guidance from your own startup coach.

You can also graduate within BUas with your own company! Every academy offers this opportunity, though a selection process may apply. Maybe, by that time, you already have a small profitable business or have plans to start one? BUas Startup Support can help you.

More information on how to start your own business.



To meet the educational requirements to this degree programme, you need a havo or vwo diploma with an appropriate profile, or an equivalent of these Dutch diplomas. You can also be admitted with an equivalent of level-4 mbo diploma. 

  • Check out the complete admission requirements and the possibilities if you do not meet the requirements
  • Additional requirements have been set for the 3-year track.

Application and selection

If you meet the admission requirements, you are invited to apply for this programme. Admission is based on selection, each year 180 students are admitted. Please check out the application procedure.

Study costs

In the academic year 2024-2025 the statutory + tuition fee for this bachelor programme is €3,160. In addition to the tuition fee, you will need to take into account additional costs for participation in the introduction week and the purchase of study materials such as textbooks and excursions. Read more about study costs.

I got the opportunity to grow, try and learn new things!

I’ve been doing my work placement at Red Agency – a public relations and social media agency – in Sydney, Australia. As a trainee in the social media team, I provided general assistance to the team. Additionally, I was involved in community management, content calendar development, competitor and industry research as well as scheduling posts and writing copy. Red Agency gave me the opportunity to grow, try and learn new things – and I did learn a lot!


Graduated | Social Media Manager at Fraimworks


I love inspiring students

My favourite course to teach is the scriptwriting course. I love inspiring students to dig deeply to identify their values and unique voice as a writer so that they can unlock and devise untold stories. Seeing the spark that happens within them as they excavate and innovate narratives for a purpose is truly magical. Then seeing those stories being adapted and transformed as they make their way to the big screen is so rewarding.

Nina Saunders

Lecturer Creative Business

I like the idea of having the world at my feet

I chose BUas because of its personal and international focus. I regularly spar with lecturers and I like the idea of having the world at my feet. I’ve always been interested in media and since I have been taking classes in marketing I also like that very much.

My tips for students who still have to make a choice?  Follow Your Road to Buas


Student Creative Business

After your bachelor

A job in the media is nothing like a traditional 9-to-5 one. After finishing your studies you can work ‘behind the scenes’ at production companies, entertainment agencies, internet providers, television and radio stations and the marketing departments of large companies where you can work as a media planner, project manager, content adviser, marketing and communication consultant or producer.

Learn more: After your bachelor.