Your own business

Do you dream of starting your own business? And do you perhaps already have a unique business concept? Take up the challenge and start your own business as early as during your studies. We will help you do just that!

Ambitions and dreams...

At BUas we attach great importance to entrepreneurship. Many students decide to go into business during or after their studies. Did you know that about 16% of all BUas students have the ambition to start a business of their own? And that more than 280 students are currently already running their own business alongside their studies?

... become reality

We would love to support those ambitions and dreams at BUas. We do so in two ways;  

  1. Entrepreneurship is woven into the content of all BUas degree programmes. You will be trained as an entrepreneurial professional. There are specific courses on the theme of entrepreneurship for each programme, and from year 2 you can choose to take part in an Excellence track. We also offer a fourth-year BUas-wide minor in Entrepreneurship. Additionally, nearly all degree programmes have possibilities for graduation through your own business.  
  2. Make use of BUas Startup Support if you want to start a business alongside your studies. Do you just have an idea for a business but have doubts about what to do next, or is your business already generating revenue? For all stages of entrepreneurship, we offer support based on the BUas Startup Support initiative. For instance, we organise events on various themes, we have coaches available for you, we have access to finance funds, and we bring you into contact with other entrepreneurial students. We work closely together with regional platforms such as Braventure so that we can help you set up your business or make it grow. 


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You are not alone

As a starting entrepreneur, you are very welcome to join our Innovation Square. The perfect place to meet other start-ups, independent workers, and established companies. And it is also the place where BUas Startup Support helps and coaches you in setting up your own business, by means of training sessions, workshops, lectures, and personal support. So, feel free to visit us at our Braventure office at Innovation Square, Frontier Building, Fe0.0025.

Read more about Innovation Square 

Breda, perfect for business

There are more than enough reasons to establish your business in Breda. It is a young, fresh city where young entrepreneurs can easily meet and share their visions and ideas. Breda is centrally situated between the big cities of Amsterdam, Brussels, Rotterdam and Antwerp and well accessible by public transport and car.  

This video shows you why other companies opted for Breda.