The quality of education and research at BUas is demonstrated by high ratings in recognised international and national rankings.

International rankings

BUas is rated in well recognised international rankings, like the QS ranking, the Academic Ranking of World Universities  (ARWU/Shanghai), and for Games, the Rookies and Princeton Review.

Internationally, the QS-ranking is regarded as a leading ranking in academic and applied education and research, which comprises the global overall and subject rankings with the world’s top universities for 48 different subjects.

  • BUas ranking #28 (2024) and # 27 (2023) in Hospitality & Leisure Management - worldwide


The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU/Shanghai) is based on an assessment of research and reflects aspects like the number of awarded and cited alumni and staff.  

  • BUas position # 76-100 (2023) at Hospitality & Tourism Management – and position # 1 in the Netherlands


The Princeton Review rankings for Game Design give a good view of the world best schools and colleges. The ranking is entirely based on numerous student surveys of what students reflect about their education institute, including quality of lab facilities, faculty credentials and career outcomes.

  • BUas ranking # 11 (2023) and # 12 (2022),  as Top 50 Game Design – Under Graduate - worldwide
  • BUas ranking # 10 (2023) and # 11 (2022), as Top 50 Game Design – Graduate - worldwide


The Rookies World School Rankings displays the Best Creative Media & Entertainment Art Schools in the world. It has become a trusted and industry respected system for showcasing the very best education facilities available to students today, helping them to find the best schools and colleges.

  • BUas ranking # 9 (2023), Best Game Design & Development
  • BUas ranking # 11 (2023), Best Production Excellence - 3D Animation
  • BUas ranking # 4 (2023), Best Production Excellence - Console Games
  • BUas ranking # 6 (2023), Best Production Excellence - Immersive Media
  • BUas ranking # 8 (2022), Best Game Design & Development Schools in the World
  • BUas ranking # 17 (2022), Best Concept Art & Illustration Schools in the World
  • BUas ranking # 8 (2022), Game Design & Development Schools - Production Excellence
  • BUas ranking # 9 (2022), Visual Effects and Animation Schools - Production Excellence
  • BUas ranking # 36 (2022), Top 50 Creative Media & Entertainment Schools & Colleges in the World


GAMEducation – the Global Association for Media Education – offers an in depth international ranking of video game schools as well as a ranking of the studios that recruit new graduates.

  • BUas ranking #3 worldwide


National rankings

The most important national Dutch rankings for Bachelor and Master's programmes are Keuzegids and Elsevier Best Studies.

The Keuzegids compares the quality of programmes at Dutch educational institutions. The ranking is based on several sources, including the National Student Survey (NSE), Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (study success), ROA (labour market) and NVAO (accreditations).

Keuzegids 2023 BUas highlights:

  • Nine out of ten BUas bachelor’s and Ad programmes are rated ‘good’ or ‘very good’ (four out of five stars)
  • International Facility Management, Creative Business, Tourism Management and Leisure & Events Management are first in their respective categories. Creative Business takes this first place for the ninth time in a row, and International Facility Management for the tenth time in a row
  • Seven out of ten programmes are in the top three in their own domain

Elsevier Best Studies compares the quality of bachelor's and master's programmes at Dutch universities and higher education colleges, on ranking aspects such as student satisfaction with the programme content, preparation for the labor market, teachers, atmosphere and facilities. Sources are the National Student Survey (NSE) as well as data about academic success, student population and NVAO accreditation. EW Magazine awards medals to high-scoring study programmes. For gold, a programme must score significantly better than the average for the entire sector on eight or more components. With six or seven top scores, a program earns silver and with four or five exceptional scores, bronze.

Elsevier Best Studies 2022 highlights

  • A golden medal for Master Game Technology and Leisure Studies
  • A silver medal for Facility Management and Hotel Management
  • A bronze medal for Built Environment, Creative Media & Game Technologies, Logistics Engineering and Logistics Management

Built Environment

  • Keuzegids: Top Rated Programme  |  2023 + 2022
  • Elsevier Best Studies: No.1 rating in students opinion  |  2021  
  • Elsevier Best Studies: bronze medal for Built Environment |  2022


  • Keuzegids: Top Rated Programme  +  No.1 in Own Category  |  2023 + 2022
  • Elsevier Best Studies: silver medal for Bachelor Facility Management  |  2022 + 2021


  • Keuzegids: No.1 in Own Category |  2023 + 2021
  • Keuzegids: No.2 in Own Category |  2022
  • Elsevier Best Studies: silver medal for Master Game Technology  |  2022


  • Keuzegids: Top Rated Programme  |  2023
  • Elsevier Best Studies: silver medal for Hotel Management  |  2022  

Leisure & Events

  • Keuzegids: No.1 in Own Category for Leisure & Events Management  |  2023
  • Keuzegids: Top Rated Programme for BSc Leisure Studies | 2023
  • Elsevier Best Studies: No.1 in Own Category for Leisure & Events Management  |  2022
  • Elsevier Best Studies: golden medal for BSc Leisure Studies  |  2022


  • Keuzegids: No.2 in Own Category for Logistics Management  |  2023
  • Keuzegids: No.3 in Own Category for Logistics Engineering  |  2023
  • Elsevier Best Studies: No.1 in Own Category for Master Supply Chain Management  |  2022
  • Elsevier Best Studies: bronze medal  |  2022   


  • Keuzegids: No.1 in Own Category  | 2023 + 2022 + 2021
  • Elsevier Best Studies: No.2 rating in Own Category  |  2022 + 2021


  • Keuzegids: No.1 in Own Category for Tourism Management | 2023
  • Keuzegids: No.2 in Own Category for ad Tourism Management | 2023
  • Elsevier Best Studies: No.1 in Own Category for Tourism Management | 2022