BUas is committed to helping to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to tackle the biggest problems facing our planet. The SDGs provide a very useful framework for coordinating sustainability across our university of applied sciences.

Sustainable Development Goals

Commitment and contribution

SDG Support Hub

SDG Support Hub Team

  • Anna Koens, Project Leader, SDG Support Hub  - Strategy, Education & Research
  • Viktoria Ivan, Sustainability Operations Assistant, SDG Support Hub
  • Frans Melissen, Professor of Sustainable Experience Design & Professor of Management Education for Sustainability, profile
  • Marco van Leeuwen, Senior Lecturer / Researcher / Policy Advisor - Ethics / Research Integrity / Sustainability / Philosophy of Psychology, profile
  • Tim Geelen, Business Partner - Accommodation, Facilities and Planning
  • Nitin Bhushan, Lecturer, Data Science & AI - Academy for Games and Media
  • Wicher Meijer, Programme Director Education and Community 

Green office

The Green Office is a student-led community project at BUas that focuses on sustainability. By using the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations as a framework, students organise events and activities to address social and environmental issues across our campus. The Green Office can be contacted via: