One of the focus areas of Sustainability@Buas.

Globally we are facing huge societal challenges in areas such as health, food, energy, climate change, inequality. Our students seem increasingly driven by societal motivations and this is also true for BUas staff, not least with respect to those involved in research & development (R&D) activities.

Through the inventory conducted by the SDG task force, it is apparent that our researchers are very much driven by similar motivations: to contribute to making society a ‘better’ place, especially through the industries that BUas focuses on. R&D aimed at making this contribution is already anchored in several of our research lines. These R&D efforts have also resulted in a significant body of publications by BUas staff on the challenges represented by the SDGs, as well as in a range of (inter)national collaborations.

We recognise a clear need to build on an explicit focus on the SDGs in the BUas R&D agenda for the upcoming strategic period 2022-25. This means that BUas engages in R&D with Agenda 2030, the SDGs, and our commitment to these goals as guiding principles. Through our R&D efforts, we strive to contribute to realising the SDGs.

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