Need some extra support?

Breda University of Applied Sciences encourages you to get the best out of yourself, under every circumstance. 

Options for you

Do you need extra room or guidance to develop your talents? For example, because you have a support need? Or because you want to combine your athletics career or your own company with your studies? No problem! Let's look together at your needs and what is possible in your programme.

Support needs

Studying with a support need (such as autism, ADHD/ADD, chronic illness, dyslexia, motor impairment) can use up more time and energy than you would like. BUas offers all kinds of possibilities to make studying fun and achievable for you.

Do you have a support need? If so, please let us know. If you do, we can take it into account. We offer all kinds of aids, facilities, and adjustments to make studying fun and feasible for you as well. What is possible for you, depends on your personal situation. You will discuss this with your student counsellor.

Contact us
If you want to know more about possibilities for extra guidance and support before you study at our university, please contact us via studentwellbeing@buas.nl.

More information
On this website
https://www.hogeronderwijstoegankelijk.nl/en/this-is-what-i-have, you can read a lot more about studying with a support need and find additional tips and tools.

Special circumstances

Sometimes students are dealing with special circumstances such as having to provide informal care, being a young parent, pregnancy or a gender transition. You may experience obstacles or a delay in your studies or placement as a result. Fortunately, there are more than enough tools and solutions that can help you complete your studies successfully. 

You are, for example, eligible for the profiling fund if you need financial support because of special circumstances. This also applies to non-EEA students. Moreover, and in some cases, the profiling fund offers management scholarships and scholarships for highly talented students. Your student counsellor can help you apply for the profiling fund. 

If you want to know more about possibilities for extra guidance and support, please contact our student counsellors via studentwellbeing@buas.nl.

More information
On this website https://www.hogeronderwijstoegankelijk.nl/, you can read a lot more about these topics and find additional tips and tools.


Studying at BUas is more than attending lectures and taking exams. Studying is also about working in groups with your fellow students, going on excursions, doing a placement, spending time at school or in the city, and much more. Your student counsellor can tell you how and which facilities you can best be supported with.  

We offer you several facilities to help you with:

  • attending lectures;
  • your exams (e.g. extended exam time, low-stimulus exam room);
  • using our computers;
  • working in work and project groups;
  • doing your work placement and graduating project;
  • creating a workable environment for you outside of the campus;
  • accessing our buildings;
  • the opportunity for rest and care in specific areas;
  • adapted study materials or tools like a calculator, dictionary, or spelling checker;  
  • supporting software, for example, the text-to-speech software SpeadRead and Textaid as study tools;
  • going on excursions and field trips and giving substance to your free electives;
  • We also offer you a wide variety of skills and behavioural training courses under the name BEST, which stands for Better Studying. These may help you – as a student – to handle your studies in a pleasant way, as a result of which you feel a stronger learner.