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BUas offers professional and academic bachelor’s and master’s programmes in the disciplines of Built Environment, Data Science & AI, Facility, Games, Hotel, Leisure & Events, Logistics, Media, Tourism. All these domains are inherently linked to one of the biggest challenges our society is faced with: sustainable development. It comes as no surprise then that this topic is addressed explicitly and extensively in several BUas educational programmes, and implicitly addressed in many more, encouraging and facilitating students to develop themselves into responsible professionals and people. The SDG inventory has highlighted opportunities for even greater focus on this topic which will be implemented in the coming months and years. As awareness of the SDG Support Hub grows, we are increasingly approached by lecturers and programme managers for advice on embedding sustainability within specific programmes, as well as being asked to give guest lectures to introduce students to the SDGs.  

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Impactful work placements

To BUas, it is important that the companies who host our students for a work placement or graduation assignment are somehow involved in the Sustainable Development Goals, or at least committed to promoting sustainability in general. With the assistance of our placement offices, there are many opportunities to make the ideal match between student and host company.

SDGs On Stage

SDGs On Stage, a new placement platform that focuses entirely on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). BUas is one of the universities of applied sciences partnering in this initiative. As a university, our goal is to make the SDGs a holistic part of our education and research activities and, more than ever, students want to contribute to a sustainable future. The placement period is a great opportunity for this: students learn in ‘the real world’ about the SDGs and how companies and institutions can contribute to this. And we also notice that this is catching on with students. On, they can find a placement at an organisation that not only thinks about profit, but also contributes to a sustainable future. It also contains inspiring content about the SDGs, companies working on them and tips about the labor market.

The platform is very diverse, and students from all study programmes are welcome. They can find more information and register via and they will be kept informed of new placements (new vacancies are added continuously).


The minor Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Professional Identity (SSRPI) focuses on assisting students in developing their own professional identity in relation to society’s biggest challenge; sustainable development. The minor is designed to help students develop a clear and deep understanding of what a professional in fields relevant to their industry could and should pursue from a social responsibility perspective. You, as a student, are encouraged and supported in mastering competencies that are needed to successfully contribute to sustainable development of our society as a professional.