Community engagement

One of the focus areas of Sustainability@Buas.

We recognise our responsibility to the Goals and the urgency attached to making progress towards them in, including in our extra-curricular activities for students, alumni and staff.

Sharing knowledge is a focal point for the BUas community. Think of our annual Education Day and Research & Development Day, and the Studium Generale sessions that are organised every two months for students and staff alike, zeroing in on current issues. The first Studium Generale of 2022, organised by the SDG Support Hub under the title “How to be a leader in an uncertain world”, explored the complexity of the climate crisis and the ways it can personally affect us. In October 2022 we organised a similar event on the topic of waste. More events are planned for 2023, so watch this space… 

Students also have the chance to participate in extracurricular ‘BEST’ Trainings. BEST stands for ‘Better Studying’ and aims to contribute to our students' well-being in an easily accessible way. We do so by offering all sorts of training courses to help our students engage in their studies and optimise their learning experience. For example, in 2022 the SDG Support Hub helped to organise a series of coaching sessions relating to climate anxiety and reducing our sense of powerlessness in the face of complex, global challenges.  

In our community activities on campus, organised by students, we pay a lot of attention to topical societal issues. Check below for some examples of our extra-curricular community engagement.

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