Diversity and inclusion

BUas is an international university of applied sciences and cross-cultural awareness and understanding has been high on the agenda for years and will continue to be so for many more.

Not just cultural and gender diversity and inclusion, other diversity and inclusion aspects are just as important to us. Think of sexual orientation, religion, social class, ethnicity, life phase, physical and cognitive ability, and professional socialisation. 

Diverse and inclusive community

We help our students to become young professionals with a ’+’ that sets them apart and has value. Young professionals that want to have positive impact on the development of an industry or of society. BUas is clear about what this requires of its students and staff: in addition to transversal skills, an attitude of openness, curiosity, civic duty, optimism, an inquisitive mindset, and a drive to contribute to shaping a better world are needed. The primary basis for achieving this mission is a diverse and inclusive community in which both staff and students use and combine each other’s strengths. 

As an educational institute, we feel a responsibility to create a fair, safe, transparent and sustainable environment to support individual and collective flourishing, to educate our community on the importance of diversity and inclusion, and to contribute to the quality of the debate on these topics.