Improving tourism human resources

20 augustus 2019

The Tourism Polytechnic of South Sulawesi province's capital of Makasar collaborates with Breda University of Applied Sciences to work together to improve the quality and competency of Indonesian tourism human resources, especially lecturers and students.

Acting Director of Makassar's Polytechnic Muhammad Arifin and Elisabeth Minnemann, President of the Executive Board of Breda University of Applied Sciences signed a memorandum of understanding in Breda on 4 July 2019.

"We agreed to implement several points of cooperation including the development of competencies and qualifications of lecturers and students at the master level of tourism destination," said Muhammad Arifin.

The two institutions also agreed to carry out training in strengthening the role of the tourism polytechnics as a Marine Tourism Study Center, rural tourism, village tourism, and international journal research and publications.

The submission of the collaboration paper was a follow-up to the visit carried out with the Head of the Makassar State Polytechnic Cooperation Unit Dr. H. Syamsu Rijal, M. Pd. to Breda University of Applied Sciences in November 2018.

Arifin appreciated the collaboration with Breda University of Applied Sciences which he said was one of the strategies to realize the Makassar Polytechnic as "World Class Polytechnic".

"Breda University of Applied Sciences has a number of tourism-related study programs such as Tourism Management, Leisure & Event Management and Hotel Management, Tourism Destination Management, so I feel it is appropriate to collaborate with Breda University of Applied Sciences," he said.

Arifin explained that currently there are 11 students and three lecturers of Breda University of Applied Sciences who visited the Makassar Polytechnic campus.

"In 2017 we conducted a Joint Lecture with Breda University of Applied Sciences which was facilitated by Swisscontact, a non-profit organization that has been collaborating with the Makassar Polytechnic, due to which we are interested in continuing official cooperation" he said.