Four Built Environment students featured in Sloop of Hoop

1 november 2018

There are lots of vacant properties in in the province of Noord-Brabant. These properties are an eyesore to the area, while there are plenty of opportunities to make them more appealing. This calls for an integral approach. Four students of Built Environment investigate the possibilities of new uses for vacant properties in the television programme ‘Sloop of Hoop’ (demolition or ambition) on regional broadcaster Omroep Brabant. 


Every Friday night on Omroep Brabant

For eight weeks, Judith van der Struijk, Bibi Swinkels, Niels de Koning and Peter van Schie are featured in ‘Sloop of Hoop’. Is it possible to give a vacant property a new destination? That depends on various factors. Unfortunately, not every property faces a new future.

Curious about the students’ findings? Watch ‘Sloop or hoop’ (in Dutch) on Omroep Brabant on Friday night at 18.00 hrs. The programme is repeated every hour.


Watch eight episodes of the television programme on ‘demolition or ambition’ on Omroep Brabant