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The BUas Matchmaker shows that you are a creative person who can enthuse people. Sounds good, right? We often see people with this profile excelling at study programmes in the field of Creative Business, Leisure & Events, Tourism and Games. You can learn more about what these programmes entail below.  

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Creative Business

Leisure & Events Management

Tourism Management

Creative Media and Game Technologies

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Why take it from us? Listen to our students!

A central location, a beautiful green campus and a safe city. These are only some reasons why our international students chose to study at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

In this video, Meggy mentions 10 reasons why you should choose BUas in the Netherlands.

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Whether you are just starting your study selection process or are already close to a final decision, you have come to the right place, for any phase there is a study selection activity which can aid you in the discovery of your future study programme.  
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