Global Game Jam at BUas

Keyboards, pens, paper, pizza and no sleep at all. Mix this together with a worldwide large group of very enthusiastic and innovative game creators and you’ll get: the Global Game Jam. 

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  • Partnership between BUas and Maastricht University renewed

    More BUas students to obtain their MSc at Maastricht University

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  • Study vertourism

    Rapport over overtoerisme

    Een internationaal consortium onder leiding van Breda University of Applied Sciences brengt in het rapport ‘Overtourism: impact and possible policy responses’ in kaart welke gevolgen overtoerisme voor Europese bestemmingen heeft.

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  • Scithos, for environmentally and socially responsible tourism that contributes to long-term prosperity

    Urban tourism contributes to (local) economic prosperity, but also creates negative consequences such as CO2 emissions and pollution, overcrowding, traffic jams, noise and touristification of the city, thereby harming liveability and attractiveness to visit for residents and tourists respectively.

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  • Seelig Park: Inspired by Breda, created by you’

    Hoe kan de gemeente Breda het ontwerp, de realisatie en exploitatie van Seelig Park tot een succes maken? Over deze vraag hebben studenten van Breda University of Applied Sciences en Avans University of Applied Sciences zich samen gebogen.

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