After your bachelor

After graduation from this economically oriented Tourism Management programme you will be entitled to call yourself a Bachelor of Arts.

Your career

After your graduation you can decide whether to find a job or carry on studying - at master's level.

Get a job

Tourism is a major and growing business worldwide

Growth in international tourism is so enormous that tourism itself has evolved into an engine of the world’s economy. Tourism as a worldwide phenomenon is closely connected and intertwined with major global changes in culture, politics, technology, economics and the environment. Somewhere in this growing field there will be a job for you. You can start to work, for instance, as an advisor, policy officer, manager, marketeer, purchaser or travel guide.

Obtain a Master's Degree

Once you have earned your bachelor's degree, you may choose to purpose a master's programme at Breda University of Applied Sciences:

or on a master's programme at another university in the Netherlands or abroad.

This journey has not been in vain

In 2016 Sylvie was given the opportunity to take over Tiara Tours. ‘I don’t know anybody who talks about the Trans-Siberian Express with so much enthusiasm as you do, was what people said, and I thought, you’re right, I must do this!’

In this interview with Silvie you can read how that came about and what she is going through