Admission requirements

Do you want to start with the International Facility Management programme? See if you meet the admission requirements for Dutch students.

N+T > econ or m&o/be
N+G > econ or m&o/be
E+M > admissible
C+M > (econ or m&o/be) + (wisA or wisB)

N+T > econ or m&o/be             
N+G > econ or m&o/be
E+M > admissible
C+M > econ or m&o/be

mbo 4 > admissible

3-year programme

You can attend the 3-year programme if you have completed pre-university education or after a propaedeutic year from an economic programme. 

What to do if you do not meet the admission requirements?

  • If you miss any of the compulsory subjects, check out your possibilities.
  • If you are aged 21 or over, you may appeal to the 21+ arrangement. Based on the result of the Assessment, you are permitted to start the programme or not.

Brush-up course (financial) calculation

To increase your chances of successfully completing the propaedeutic phase, Breda University of Applied Sciences  - in cooperation with ‘Hogeschoolrekenen’ - offers an online brush-up course in (financial) calculation. Find out by means of a test if your numeracy skills match the required entry level of the programme and decide whether or not you will take the brush-up course.

More information on the online brush-up course and the entry test.


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