Application procedure

Make sure you follow the right application procedure.

Do you have a diploma from a Dutch education institution (diplomas from the Netherlands Antilles not included)? Please follow the application procedure below, even if you don't have Dutch nationality. 

Do you have a diploma from a Non-Dutch educational institution (educational institutions from the Netherlands Antilles included)? Please follow the application procedure for international students, even if you have Dutch nationality. 

Changes to application procedure

Start studying at BUas in September will be possible. Maybe in adapted form because of all the measures around the coronavrus, but your study programme starts anyway!

Changes to application procedure (due to coronavirus):

  • It is still possible to apply for this programme till 1 September.  If you apply via Studielink after 1 June, Breda University of Applied Sciences will decide whether or not you will be admitted to the programme.
    Take care: this means that you have fully completed the application procedure before 1 September.
  • For Dutch and The regular application deadline (1 May) for new students will be extended to 1 June
  • Unfortunately, the matching day of the study choice activities cannot take place. This is why the study choice activity now only consists of the online assessment
  • Mbo students (with the right prior education) who are delayed in their graduation process are permitted to already apply and start their study programme at BUas in September. They will be given the opportunity to successfully complete their mbo studies until January 2021.

Dutch students

If you meet the admission requirements and you apply by 1 May at the latest, you will certainly be able to start your studies. If you apply after 1 May, Breda University of Applied Sciences will decide whether or not you will be admitted to the study programme.

For students with a diploma from a Dutch educational institution the application consists of three steps:

  • Step 1: Enrolment application via Studielink
  • Step 2: Study Choice Activities (Studiekeuzecheck)
  • Step 3: Complete your registration; payment of tuition fee.

1. Enrolment application via Studielink

You are to apply through Studielink, the application and enrolment portal provided by the Netherlands Ministry of Education.

You can track the status of your application on your personal Studielink page and in the progress overview in My online application.

Step 2: Study Choice Activities

Choosing the right bachelor’s programme increases your chances of successfully completing your studies. We will help you find out whether the programme you have applied for is a good match. Therefore, study choice activities are mandatory for all applicants. The outcome of these activities does not influence your admission to the programme. A positive outcome can be taken as a good sign, a negative outcome means that we would recommend you to do further research into this programme and any possible alternatives. 

More information on Study Choice Activities will be available on this page in due time.

Step 3: Complete your registration: payment of tuition fee

In order to complete your registration, you need to confirm your digital authorization or pay your tuition fee. More information about payment of tuition fee.

We will keep in touch

During the entire application, selection and registration procedure, we will keep in touch with you through email. Please make sure you read and respond to the instructions in time. You can follow your progress in your pre-study portal.

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