Application and selection procedure

Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Do you have a diploma from a Dutch education institution (diplomas from the Netherlands Antilles not included)? Please follow the application procedure for Dutch students.

International students

The Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence programme is allowed to select its 100 students and therefore it applies a selection procedure.

Make sure you apply before the deadline of 1 May.  

Application steps

Step 1. Enter your enrolment application in Studielink

You are to apply through Studielink, the application and enrolment portal for higher education programmes in the Netherlands.

You can track the status of your application on your personal Studielink page and in the progress overview in My Online Application.

Step 2. Apply via My Online Application

Once you have submitted your Studielink enrolment application, you will receive an email inviting you to follow up on your Studielink application by applying in My Online Application.

In My Online Application you will be requested to answer additional questions (e.g. about your English proficiency) and to upload your application documents; CV, ID, your secondary school diploma including list of grades and translation (if these documents are not in one of the following languages: English, French, German or Dutch) or your most recent list of grades if you have not yet obtained your diploma.

You can track the status of your admission in My Online Application.

Step 3. Take part in the selection procedure

Part 1: Portfolio assignment

Once the admissions officer has checked and (conditionally) approved your educational background, you will receive instructions and login details for making the online portfolio assignment.

For the portfolio assignment, you have to follow the National AI Course and then fill in a presentation template. This template and the requirements that the assignment must meet can be found in MS Teams. You submit the completed template via MS Teams, together with the participation certificate of the course.

If your portfolio assignment meets the requirements, you will receive an invitation for the interview.

Please note: The deadline for submitting the portfolio assignment is May 10.

Part 2: Interview

During the interview, the results of your portfolio assignment will be discussed. Other topics will be your motivation, personal skills, and characteristics.

The interviews will take place monthly from January 2024 with a final round in May.


the total score will be determined based on the following criteria:

  1. Motivation, 30%
    this will cover subjects like; why this study, what about your future career, what about your future goals, and how does ADS&AI fit into that?
  2. Suitability, 20%
    this will cover subjects like; teachability, communication and writing skills in English, your best example of teamwork, what other pursuits/passions/hobbies do you have, and will you be taking part in the extra-curricular activities organized by our students and lecturers?
  3. Aptitude, skills, and knowledge, 50%
    this will cover the requirements for the portfolio assignment (result from the National AI Course), proven skills in Mathematics, Statistics and IT/Programming best examples of work and skills/knowledge you already have.

Based on the total score, it is decided whether you:

  • have been admitted, score of > 70%
  • have been placed on the waiting list, score of 60-70%
  • have been rejected < score of 60%

You will hear the result within 10 working days after the interview.

Step 4. Complete your enrolment: payment of tuition fee

In order to complete your enrolment, you need to confirm your digital authorisation or pay your tuition fee. More information about payment of tuition fee


We will keep in touch

During the entire application and selection procedure, we will keep in touch with you through email. Please make sure you read and respond to the instructions in time. You can follow your progress in your pre-study portal


If you still have questions on the application or selection procedure, please contact us via

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