Aafke de Kok new Director of BUas People & Organisation Erwin van Braam new Director of BUas Education Research & Information Management

Current Director BUas P&O Teun van Beusekom has decided to step aside and will assume another role. In his management role, he will be succeeded by Ms Aafke de Kok-Donkers as per 7 November 2022. Wicher Meijer, the current Director BUas Education, Research & Information Management is retiring early 2023. Mr Erwin van Braam will succeed him as per 1 October.


Aafke de Kok

Aafke de Kok (47) has broad knowledge and experience in the field of human resources by completing various study programmes and having human resource management positions within several organisations. She is currently human resources director of HAS University of Applied Sciences, where, among other things, she has set up and implemented a new HR strategy, leadership development, and renewed and optimised business operations. Previously, she was human recources director at Star-SHL and its predecessors for 17 years, a foundation specialising in laboratory research, thrombosis care, medical imaging and functional examinations employing 1,300 employees. In the last few years, merger, reorganisation and organisational change were the themes she has been engaged in.

Aafke studied Human Resource Studies at Tilburg University and subsequently, she completed, among other things, a Master in Management & Organisation at TIAS School for Business & Society. Aafke is married, has two sons of secondary school age, and lives in Rucphen. 

Nico van Os, BUas Executive Board member says: “We are very happy with Aafke’s experience in higher education at HAS, with the relationships she has previously entered into with participation bodies, and with her strong organisational insights.” Aafke on her new challenge: “I look forward to starting my new position at BUas! I am going to take pleasure in using my energy, knowledge and experience, and together with my colleagues of the department further build on the strong HR foundation that has been laid to be able to continue to face the wonderful challenges in the field of people and organisation at BUas.”

Erwin van Braam

Erwin van Braam (50) has worked at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences since 2011. Starting as a strategic advisor, he then was Deputy Director Corporate Strategy and, after the reorganisation of its support services, Executive Support Staff. In the last few years, as director of Hoger Onderwijs  Drechtsteden, a collaborative venture of four universities of applied sciences (Rotterdam UAS, Inholland UAS, Ede Christian UAS, and Avans UAS), ROC Da Vinci College, municipalities and regional parties, he has developed new concepts for higher education that fit in with the Dordt region.

From 1998 to 2011 he worked for HBO-Raad, now called the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences/Vereniging Hogescholen), among other things, as strategic advisor and General Policy Director. Erwin has various other positions, such as board member of the Student Pride Nederland foundation, and chairman of Lokaal, the centre for democracy in Rotterdam. Currently, Erwin is also secretary to the temporary committee on Positionering Hoger Beroepsonderwijs (Bormans committee) set up by the VH. Erwin studied, among other things, Social Psychology at Radboud University, and has a Master in Public Administration. He lives in Rotterdam.

Jorrit Snijder, president of the Executive Board of BUas says: “Erwin’s knowledge and experience in higher education is very relevant to BUas and will help us realise our strategy in education and research. His rich network in higher education will enhance BUas’ position even more. Erwin says: “Universities of applied sciences do a good job by enabling youngsters and working people to lay and strengthen the foundation of their professional and personal development. It is fantastic I am going to contribute to realising the ambitious BUas+ strategy. In doing so, improving the quality of education for everybody and applied research are important themes for me.”

Substantial staffing levels of management

Jorrit Snijder and Nico van Os: “By adding Aafke and Erwin to the Executive Board, we now have substantial staffing levels of management for all 5 academies and 4 support services for the BUas+ challenges we are facing, and with good continuity into the future. We are very grateful for everything Wicher Meijer and Teun van Beusekom have meant, and still mean, to BUas.”

BUas Executive Board