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Leisure and Events

Would you like to become an event manager or leisure manager? If you choose a professional or academic programme in Leisure & Events, you will learn to turn leisure time into real experiences.

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Studying Leisure & Events in Breda?

  • One of the five leisure knowledge centres worldwide (WLCE) where new knowledge in the field of Leisure & Events is developed
  • Both professional and academic programmes
  • Programmes have been customised for the leisure industry offering many opportunities for  specialisation
  • A large national and international network, such as Efteling, Disney World, PSV Eindhoven, Tomorrowland and Rotterdam Ahoy

Professional and academic programmes

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“BUas is in the vanguard in many fields, for example in esports, so I like pulling together!”

Erika Bronkhorst

Graduated; works as Events Manager at Rotterdam Ahoy


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About Breda University of Applied Sciences

Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) is a higher education institute with some 7,000 students from 100 different countries.

In academic year 2022-2023, tuition fees are €1,105 for the first year of study and €2,209 for the other years, just like at other universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands.


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