Working at Buas

Small-scale, specialised and international.


Innovative and internationally oriented

On the Breda University of Applied Sciences campus, we seek each other out, take each other's ideas on board, and inspire and motivate each other to discover and create something new together. Curious? Then read on or have a look at our vacancies.

Working with us means working at a specialised institute for higher education. Our students obtain more than just a diploma. They are taught a unique way of working and thinking. We achieve this by combining innovative education, relevant applied and academic research, and cooperation with the international business world.

With over 800 employees, we offer degree programmes to some 7,700 students in the field of Built Environment, Data Science & AI, Facility, Games, Hotel, Leisure & Events, Logistics, Media, Tourism. Our students and employees come from all over the world.

We are an inclusive community where everyone can participate and every opinion counts, but where we also dare to give open, honest and direct feedback. Our inclusive community is a place where everybody, regardless of their backgrounds, can learn, work and perform together.

Why work at BUas?

You will be working together with enthusiastic colleagues at a recognised institute where you get the chance to do what you are good at and to develop yourself. Read more reasons to work at BUas here.

More reasons for working at BUas

Why we work at BUas

"A great sense of uniqueness"

"As we are an independent and small institute, there is a greater sense of uniqueness." Read his story.

Ewout Sanders

Lecturer, Academy for Leisure & Events

"Very passionate people"

"The people I work with are all very passionate people, who want to inspire each other and the students and who all want to contribute." Read her story.

Joyce Seegers

Education Innovation Facilitator