Docent helpt studenten met het opzetten van huj eigen bedrijf

Become a lecturer

Do you have a talent for BUas?

Your knowledge and experience are very useful to our students. Will your story bring practice to life for them? Discover your talent as a lecturer at BUas!

Will you help our students discover their talents?

Because that’s what you do as a lecturer! By sharing your knowledge and experience with students, you help shape their future. Your input will enable them to discover their future world. And you know exactly which knowledge, expertise and skills are needed in that world. In this way, you ensure that our students are well prepared. As a lecturer, you are involved with your subject in a different way, you inspire students and they inspire you too. They want to know everything and they prompt your thinking. In this way, you continue to discover new things and together you shape the future of the profession.  

The world in miniature

BUas is actually the world in miniature. Students, lecturers and researchers from some 80 countries join forces in learning communities. They do so together with professionals from the industry and colleagues from international partner institutes. The small-scale campus in Breda is a diverse and inclusive environment, fostering open and honest communication and interactions, while at the same time respecting each other’s individuality and uniqueness. From across our different domains of expertise, we seek each other out, support each other in new ideas, and inspire and motivate each other to create new initiatives. 

Curious about what you can expect of BUas? Just check out the page Working at BUas.


What do you need to become a lecturer?

We are always open to people with new expertise, but it only really works if:  

  • you enjoy sharing your passion and working with young people;  
  • you have creative and fresh ideas about how you can impart your knowledge and skills to students;  
  • you have a relevant hbo master’s degree or are willing to work towards one (in consultation with BUas);  
  • you are active within a relevant network, keeping one foot firmly rooted in the industry;  
  • you have good English communication skills. 

Teaching for the first time 

If you have never stood in front of a class of students before, the first time is, of course, exciting, but you are not alone. You will work in a team of lecturers, so you can always rely on your colleagues. On your first day at work, you will be matched with a buddy who will show you around the organisation. Your onboarding programme does not end after a few weeks - attention will continue to be paid to feedback and guidance. You will be trained in teaching skills and paired with a lecturer who already has teaching experience. What’s more, an introduction meeting will help you discover your new environment.   

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