Need some extra money?

International students in The Netherlands are allowed to work part-time, just like many Dutch students do. A job can help you cover the costs.

Working in the Netherlands

As an international student you are allowed to work in the Netherlands. Find out more in this video.

Side job

If you want - or need - a side job, you will need a 'BSN' number for tax purposes and a valid Dutch basic health insurance.

  • EU/EEA students
    Even if you have been living in the Netherlands for five years or more; your parent or partner is or was a migrant worker; or if you work between 24 and 32 hours a month, you may sometimes be eligible for student finance (studiefinanciering). For the complete overview of requirements, visit
  • Non-EU students
    If you are from a country outside the EU/EEA, there are some restrictions if you want to have a part-time job. You are allowed to work a maximum of 16 hours a week or, instead, three months full-time during the summer holidays (June, July and August). However, your employer needs to apply for your work permit. This is not a difficult procedure, but your employer needs to be willing to make this extra effort.

Work permit

The company where you are going to work has to apply for your work permit through the 'UWV'. You can tell your employer that there are no charges for him/her and the procedure (permit for a maximum of 16 hours) is not difficult. Normally it takes approximately three weeks before the permit is issued. For more information about a work permit you can check:

Finding a job

Breda University of Applied Sciences publishes part-time job opportunities on the Student Portal (see announcements). There are all kinds of job agencies in Breda which can help you out with finding a job. If you google ‘uitzendbureau Breda’ you will find a lot of them. Many students work at McDonalds (you don’t need to speak Dutch necessarily), or in a bar or restaurant (basic Dutch proficiency required).

Tax return

Students who have a part-time job can ask for a tax return. Every year in January/ February people who work in the Netherlands get what is called a  ‘jaaropgaaf’. This is a very important document if you are working and it will only be given to you once (so don’t lose it!). You need this document if you want to ask for several services provided by the Tax Authority.

More information can be found on the website of the Tax Authority.