Master Supply Chain Management

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Leadership makes the difference

Do you work in logistics or have you finished your bachelor's degree (hbo) in logistics and want to move on to an in-depth and innovative master’s? Then take a look at our professional master's degree (hbo) in Supply Chain Management! With this master's degree, you will acquire specialist knowledge of the entire supply chain and learn all about the latest developments in this logistics field.

This master in logistics and supply chain management has been developed in close cooperation with partners in the logistics industry. They know exactly which analytical skills are needed in the fields of data science and business intelligence. This, combined with the right research skills, social skills and knowledge about collaboration and change will make you the supply chain leader of the future!

Why choose the Master Supply Chain Management at BUas?

    • Close industry connections
    • Working in an international team of lecturers and professionals
    • Responding to the market’s demand for supply chain leaders of the future 
    Why BUas?
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    'There's a strong connection between students and lecturers.'

    Alexandre, student

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    Study overview

    The first semester starts with five courses in Leadership, Research Methods, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Strategy, and Change & Innovation. You will have masterclasses during the first semester. At the end of the semester you will take examinations and hand in assignments for these courses. Moreover, you will submit a thesis topic and a graduation internship for approval.


    In the second semester you will start with the Integrated Supply Chain Cases course. In this course you will learn to integrate and apply the different disciplines from the first semester and quantitative modeling skills in several supply chain cases.

    ln week 5 of the second semester you will start at your graduation company with preliminary supply chain research and you will deliver a research design (Research Proposal course).

    In week 9, the thesis period will begin. During the thesis period you will be challenged to design and improve a supply chain on a strategic level, to deliver an implementation approach, to influence the implementation process and to develop a leadership style.

    Throughout the entire second semester you will also be part of  learning communities. In these communities, students, lecturers and industry professionals work together to learn from each other. 

    All examinations, assignments and the thesis will be assessed on an individual basis.  

    Please find out more about the programme and its background in this presentation (pdf). 

    Very happy with this new master

    When I heard that BUas was going to offer a new master's programme in Supply Chain Management, I was really happy. I had done the bachelor's programme and the new master's programme fits in perfectly. I graduated successfully and my experience is that the close collaboration with the logistics industry, which characterises this master, is really valuable. With my master's degree, I can develop myself into a futureoriented supply chain manager; and I will be able to absolutely distinguish myself in my professional career!


    Graduate I Purchasing Planner at DAF Trucks NV

    Tomorrow’s supply chain leaders

    This master’s programme educates supply chain professionals who possess specialist knowledge of the entire supply chain. These professionals can develop into tomorrow’s supply chain leaders. They also have the right mix of social and analytical skills. This will enable them to translate innovative supply chain concepts into useful solutions which they can implement in practice. 


    Vice President of Logistics at Sandvik


    Students are eligible if they hold a BSc Logistics or a bachelor's degree with a major or a minor in logistics.

    Please check out the full admission requirements


    If you meet the admission requirements, you are invited to apply for this programme. Admission is based on selection. Please check out the application procedure.


    In the academic year 2023-2024 the statutory tuition fee for master's programmes is €2,314. In addition to the tuition fee, you will need to take into account additional costs for the purchase of study materials such as textbooks. Read more about study costs.

    Your career

    The supply chain manager of the future 

    Markets are changing rapidly in a dynamic environment and supply chains are in need of innovations accordingly. Therefore, the supply chain manager of the future is competent in a wide range of disciplines. Future supply chain leaders have specialist knowledge on the entire supply chain and understanding of the latest developments. They have the right analytical skills in the areas of data-science, research and business intelligence, as well as the right social skills in the areas of leadership, collaboration and change. This is the core of our master's programme in supply chain management.

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