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Upon succesfully completing the International Facility Management programme you may call yourself Bachelor of Science.


What does a Facility Manager do?

A Facility Manager is the key to a seamless and optimal experience at various locations, from shopping centres to businesses. This professional, such as Liza Romeijnders, brings together organisational qualities and a broad overview to manage and optimise the environment. Discover in the video how Liza’s role as Tactical Team Lead Horeca Park at Efteling makes a difference.

What can you become with a degree in Facility Management?

You can start working for a company specialising in Facility Management and provide  services to other organisations from that position. You can also work as a facility manager yourself at a smaller or larger company. Depending on your interests, you can choose a position that involves managing buildings or you can focus more on the happiness at work and the experience of employees or visitors. Below we will give you a few examples.

Head of Projects for CBRE Global Workplace Solutions 

Just imagine that you are in charge of corporate projects. Your role is similar to that of a team captain. You make sure big projects run smoothly. Your main tasks? Selling the services of that company smartly, completing projects on time and managing financial affairs. Attention to detail is essential. Furthermore, you build relationships with customers and partners and make sure everyone is satisfied. You are - as it were - the captain of a winning team: making money, having things run smoothly and creating a positive atmosphere in a dynamic environment.

Facility Manager at Schiphol, Unilever or Rabobank

Thanks to your leadership and advisory skills, businesses, institutions and consumers receive outstanding facility support. You ensure various services and safety measures, which contributes to an organisation's attractiveness to employees. As facility manager, you also have a role in sustainability and preservation, often in collaboration with, for example, a CSR manager.

Workplace Designer at JLL Aecon

A workplace Designer at JLL Aecon is responsible for developing and designing workplaces of customers, taking efficiency, functionality and aesthetics into account. This includes understanding client needs, translating those needs into physical designs, and creating spaces promoting employee productivity and well-being. The designer may engage in spatial planning, interior design, furniture selection, and integrating technology and sustainability considerations into designs to create inspiring and functional work environments.

Real Estate Innovation Manager at Philips

A Real Estate Innovation Manager at Philips focuses on developing and implementing innovative strategies related to real estate and real estate-related activities of the company. This includes identifying and applying innovative technologies, sustainable design approaches and efficient real estate solutions within Philips. The manager is involved in exploring new trends in real estate, such as smart buildings, the circular economy and improving workplace experiences, aiming to optimise Philips' real estate portfolio and promoting sustainability and efficiency.

Facilities Purchasing Manager at Heineken

A Facilities Purchasing Manager at Heineken is responsible for the procurement process of facilities services and products required for business operations. This includes negotiating with suppliers, managing contracts, ensuring quality and cost control, and looking for ways to improve efficiency within facilities purchasing activities. In addition, the purchasing manager is engaged in finding sustainable solutions and ensuring compliance with regulations and policies within Heineken.

Sustainability Manager

Organisations are encouraged by government policy to become more sustainable. Facility managers have a crucial role in this, especially in making the work environment more sustainable. As a sustainability manager you bear the responsibility of making your employer’s premises increasingly environmentally friendly, which often requires close cooperation with suppliers, contractors and architects.

A master’s programme after Facility Management

After earning your bachelor's degree in International Facility Management, you have the option of attending a master's programme at BUas or at another university. For further specialisation, a master's programme in Facility Management at another university is an option.

Frequently asked questions about Facility Management

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What is Facility Management?

As a facility manager, you ensure that people in a company can work well and purposefully together, and that they remain happy and healthy in their jobs. You play an important part in creating an inspiring and safe working environment within a company or organisation.

You often manage a facilities department. This department takes care of catering, cleaning and security within the company, for example. But if you have studied Facility Management, you can also end up in other roles, such as policy or advisory positions in which you contribute ideas about sustainable workplace concepts or smart logistics within a company.

Can I pursue an international career after graduating from Facility Management?

BUas' International Facility Management programme gives you the best chance for an international career, being the most internationally oriented higher professional education programme in the Netherlands in the field of facility management. You will take all classes in English. Of course, you will be taught English for Business and a work placement abroad is mandatory for all Dutch students. The international field trips and exchange programmes also prepare you well for working abroad. Our graduates have found jobs with internationally oriented companies at home and abroad. 

Within what sectors can you work after the Facility Management programme?

You can actually work in all sectors if you have studied Facility Management. Because in every company or organisation the workplace must be in order and comply with laws and regulations. It is up to you to achieve this in an inspiring and sustainable way. You can do that in business or government, but of course also in healthcare or education if that appeals more to you.

What do you earn as a facility manager?

A facility manager in the Netherlands earns, on average, €3,950 gross per month. Salaries range from €3,360 to €4,545. You can earn more (or slightly less) in other positions. [Source: HBO Monitor]

What does a facility manager do?

Facility management goes far beyond maintenance and management of (company) buildings. It is more than cleaning, catering and security. As a facility manager, you ensure that people in a company can work well and purposefully together, keeping them happy and healthy. You have an important role in retaining and attracting talent by creating an inspiring work environment. And you do this in a sustainable way.

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