After your bachelor International Facility Management

After your graduation you can decide whether to find a job or carry on studying - at masters level.

Get a job

As a facility manager you organise and manage the supporting department of an organisation. You direct the facility department and you are responsible for the possible outsourcing of work (for example catering services). The facility manager holds a key position in the organisation and in an innovatory manner he takes care that all facilities are in order.

Career examples

Today’s facility manager is transforming more and more into a strategic advisor to corporate management; he/she monitors the beating heart of an organisation. Our graduates work across the entire spectrum of the facility management industry at, for instance:

  • multinationals
  • airports
  • hospitals
  • event planning agencies
  • catering, cleaning and security organisations
  • real estate owners 

After graduating you often start your career in an assistant position and over time, you work your way up to (senior) management positions in the facility branch.

In HBO Monitor 2018 (an independent guide containing a systematic quality comparison of study programmes in higher education) you can find an indication of the labour market prospects for recent graduates (average starter salary and percentage of unemployed among recent graduates). For the International Facility Management programme, the starter salary of recent graduates amounts to €13,95 an hour before tax. A year and a half after graduation, approximately 100% of the graduates have found a job of which 78% on a Bachelor’s level.

British Institute of Facilities Management

The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) has recognised Breda University of Applied Sciences as a BIFM centre, the first one in mainland Europe. Upon completion of your studies, you will have the opportunity of becoming a BIFM member and receive the Level 5 diploma in Facilities Management. This diploma will make you stand out further in the international employment market.

Obtain a Master's Degree

To broaden your horizon and get to know more about possibilities and crossovers you can make with facility management, you can choose a one-year master’s programme at Breda University of Applied Sciences after your bachelor’s programme in International Facility Management:

If you want to obtain a more in-depth view, you can choose a master’s programme in the field of Facility Management, for example:


Once you have graduated, we would like to stay in touch with you. Because we are interested, but also because former students - more than anyone else - are capable of making a contribution to the quality of education at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

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