After your bachelor

After successful completion of the Bachelor of Science Leisure Studies degree programme you are entitled to the degree of Bachelor of Science.

Your career

After your graduation you can decide whether to find a job or carry on studying - at master's level.

Get a job

As a leisure expert, you may take up a career in large enterprises in the cultural and leisure sectors, consultancy and engineering agencies, property developers, sports associations, event organisations or state, provincial and local authorities.

Examples of possible professions and employers are:

  • Leisure policy developer at for example local and regional authorities (Breda, Noord-Brabant)
  • Consultant at for example engineering and consultancy offices (Grontmij, DHV, Berenschot) 
  • Academic and applied researcher at for example universities, SCP or W.J.H. Mulier institute
  • Lecturer at for example Breda University of Applied Sciences,
  • ROC’s Project manager at for example large events, exhibitions, leisure project developers, banks
  • Staff member (sport) federations at for example NOC*NSF, cultural foundations, exhibitions.

The logical next step for a graduate of an academic Bachelor programme is to continue with an academic Master. The first group of ‘International Leisure Studies’ students graduated in 2012, and since then ILS graduates have been accepted into Masters’ programmes on, for instance, leisure and tourism, cultural management, human resource management and marketing and communication. In addition, ILS graduates are ideally positioned to enter a career in research, policy development in sports or the cultural sector and consultancy on strategic issues in the public sector.

Obtain a master's degree

Once you have your Bachelor of Science degree, you can continue your study at Breda University of Applied Sciences with a master’s programme. Graduates from the Bachelor of Science Leisure Studies programme have direct access to the Master of Science Leisure and Tourism Studies

Breda University of Applied Sciences also offers professional master’s programmes, for example:

Other universities

An academic bachelor gives access to all professional and academic master's programmes, but depends on entry requirements of the particular master's programme. Choice of minor courses can help ensure entrance into the master’s programme of your choice. Examples of master’s programmes in which alumni are currently enrolled, are Marketing Management, Management of Cultural Diversity, Sociology, Psychology, Economics and Human Resource Studies.

Linda tells about the programme

”I have always been passionate about the travel and leisure industry, and this study programme gave me the opportunity to discover academic insights in one programme. In this way, I learned that leisure has a major influence on the entire economy; this knowledge is something that is now very useful to me at Transavia, where I am working as a data analyst. The major asset of the programme is its small scale. You have good contact with students and lecturers and everyone is willing to help each other. I found out that my main areas of interest are the economic side of the sector and the marketing aspects. I recommend everyone to do a placement: it really helps you to explore the leisure industry from different perspectives!”