Travelling well podcast and YouTube series

The video and podcast series The Science of Traveling well helps people understand the psychological benefits of travelling. It is hosted by Ondrej Mitas, researcher at the Tourism domain of Breda University of Applied Sciences, and features a variety of researcher experts that work with our university.

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His aim with the series is to give people an insight into opportunities of positive-impact travelling and discovering one’s own region. Ondrej: ‘Research shows that new experiences can have a positive effect and that new doesn't always have to be far away. So, find out what’s worth seeing within a 10-kilometre radius of your home, go up to 50 or 100 kilometres, and that can keep you busy for a while. Some things may not be interesting, but then at least you know! What I mainly want to show with my stories is that there is no need to be afraid of finding out. I want to do so by giving some insight into psychological processes.’ 

About the underlying motivation to make this podcast series, Ondrej says, ‘The world would be cleaner and more positive if more people travel this way. I want to convince people that what they are already doing – having small travel experiences, day trips, and breaking up routines – is absolutely worthwhile! You won't hear me say that long-distance travel can't be valuable, but I’m going to be busy with the nearby stuff. And I will do the same in Slovakia where I come from.”

Join Ondrej on his small travels and find out more about the psychological benefits. Start following his video podcast series via Youtube or Spotify. A new episode is published once every two months.