Stay in touch with Lauren and Goof

"How can we look at the corona crisis from a social innovation perspective? And how do we share our knowledge with the outside world? Are there any ‘good things’ about corona?"

Find out about these questions and more in this video, featuring graduating student Lauren and lecturer Goof Lukken.

Stay in touch with Sam

"You get a glimpse into other people's living environments and because everyone has to adapt, it creates a bond." 

For lecturer Sam van der Laan, these current times also bring cohesion.

Stay in touch with Siobhan and Jitske

'I have all the time I need to pick up some new hobbies.'

Siobhan Kaufman, student, and Jitske Grandia, Outgoing Exchange Coordinator, about some positive effects of the corona impact

Stay in touch with Valentijn and Lobke

'How am I supposed to do this?'

Valentijn van den Heuvel, student, and Lobke Degenaar, Team lead internal and external communication, about the impact of studying and working from home.

Stay in touch with Vanina

'Although we are not together on campus, we stay connected.'

How does Vanina, international student from Bulgaria, cope with the lockdown?

Stay in touch with Dennis

'This is really something we need to go and tackle.'

Dennis Petersen, instructor for Bar, Banqueting and Events, about switching to online education.

Stay in touch with Elisabeth

'I am very impressed how the BUas communitiy is dealing with this challenge.'

Elisabeth Minnemann, President of the Executive Board, is concerned about students and staff, but she is also proud of the BUas community.