Out and about with Iris

Studying is fun. But some distraction in between is just as important. Below you will find a list of my favorite eateries and pubs.

Imagine the following situation: the weather is nice outside and you just received your pay check, but your fridge is empty. At a moment like this I would advise you to just go out and grab a bite, and then complete the evening at a terrace or in a pub.


For the sake of convenience I have listed a number of nice restaurants and divided them into 2 categories:

Restaurants for a small price


At the Lawaaipapagaai you can eat for a student price. Delicious burgers, nachos this place has everything. They even have a ping pong table in the middle of the restaurant, which makes the atmosphere very cozy.

Proeflokaal Bregje

Would you like to eat an affordable three-course menu? Proeflokaal Bregje is the place to be. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can order a three-course meal for €17.50. All other days of the week the three-course meal is €19.50.

Café Bruxelles

At Café Bruxelles you can order the "stadshap" for 12.50. For example, on Tuesday and Thursday you have spare ribs with fries. Be sure to check out what they serve as a city snack on Monday, Tuesday or Sunday.

Dependance & Proost

Maybe you didn't expect these bars to be among the list. The first Monday of the month, these bars organise a craft beer evening. For the small price of €12,50 you can choose four craft beers out of a huge selection of beers!

Just a little more than the student price

Foodhall Breda

For me, the foodhall is an ideal place to go if not everyone wants to eat from the same cuisine. With the twelve restaurants under one roof, and a wide variety of dishes, there is always something nice to choose for when you go with a group of friends or colleagues. You can order separately and choose how much you spend.

Streetfood club

For me, this restaurant is a must visit when you are in Breda. It is a bit more expensive and very nicely decorated. The cocktails here are also delicious and worth ordering.

Very Italian Pizza

Also known as VIP, this is a restaurant that mainly works international students. And who doesn't love Italian food? It is easy to reach and also very affordable.

Breda University of Applied Sciences

Yes, next to studying you can also eat and drink at school. This restaurant is run by your fellow students. In the summer there is a small terrace where you can relax and during the whole year you can enjoy an a-la-carte lunch (€16,00) or dinner (€24,00).

Nice bars en cafes

There are plenty of options for every student.

  • Walkabout cafe: a student cafe. For example, every Tuesday and Friday they have 'walkasino' evenings where you can play dice for your beer.
  • Peddels: cozy student pub.
  • Proost: for the people who prefer to go out in a club.
  • Shots: do you have to have at least one shot while going out? Then shots is the bar for you with their 180 types of shots!
  • Holy Moly: a club that welcomes everyone. Love knows no gender.
  • Floria: order a kapsalon after a wild night out.