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Microcredentials at BUas

If you feel the need to learn and develop yourself in the world of organisational design, innovation and sustainable transformation, after your studies or alongside your part-time job, then these special courses - microcredentials - might interest you! You can choose one course or attend several. Just as you like. You will acquire specialised skills in just a few weeks with these interactive and tailor-made courses BUas offers. 

For each one of the successfully finished modules you will receive an Edubadge, a recognised digital certificate. 
The microcredentials will be provided on NLQF level 5, 6 or 7

For whom?

These microcredentials are of great value for all professionals who have been working for a few years in the field of change, innovation management, creativity, strategic business, design, business consultancy, and social and business innovation.  Students who recently graduated from their bachelor’s programme, can also choose to attend these courses.

An overview of our microcredentials:

What's in it for me?

Microcredentials offer the best of both worlds. They can be completed in weeks as opposed to traditional degrees, which take years to complete. 

A valuable addition to your resume

Microcredentials are narrower in range but at the same time broad in focus. They provide an informal learning style to shape specific skills in the quickest way possible. They also provide employers with flexible and cost-effective education. They can help boost employee engagement while supporting a company's lifelong learning culture. Read more on Forbes.


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