Remedy your deficiencies

Remedy your deficiencies

You want to study a degree programme for which you lack the right profile subjects or proper previous ‘mbo’ education. In other words, you have one or more deficiencies which you will need to remedy. 

Deficiencies can be remedied as follows:

  • by obtaining a modular certificate:  
    • at an educational institute / distance learning institute
    • through adult education / evening classes  
    • at a private education institute 
  • by means of independent study and taking the state exam (apply before 1 January). For more information, please contact the student counsellor of your school.  


Breda University of Applied Sciences offers applicants of the Built Environment and Logistics degree programmes a limited number of opportunities to remedy their deficiencies by means of an assessment. With a satisfactory result for this assessment, these applicants may still qualify for admission. 

The assessment consists of:  

  • Motivation letter and CV
  • Preparatory assignment on the relevant subject matter
  • Assessment interview with subject lecturer and student counsellor  

In the assessment interview we will discuss your motivation for the degree programme, your image of the degree programme and the professional field, the results of your preparatory assignment, and how you are going to remedy any knowledge gaps.  

Please note: successful completion of the deficiency assessment will give you access to the regular four-year programme, not to an accelerated study track.  

How to register for the deficiency assessment  

You can register for an assessment by sending an e-mail to In this e-mail, please state your name, the degree programme that you want to study, your previous education and your deficiency/deficiencies. Participation in this assessment procedure will be possible until 15 June.