The memories of Carl Grefkens

I have so many memories of the past 30 years.

Carl Grefkens


The memories of Carl

‘I have so many memories of the past 30 years, but one great memory that really stands out was a trip to Prague. I think it was early 1990s. During this trip a lot of the old Czech Republic was still visible, which impressed me and the students a lot. Sleeping in a former state hotel was one of the things students really experienced as extraordinary. 

Apart from that, visiting the ITB (international travel trade show in Berlin) was/is also a highlight every year, as to me and the students the international tourism industry with all of its developments comes alive at that event.

But also in Breda, I run into alumni very often on multiple occasions. Recently I met someone during a graduation session where he was part of the assessment panel. He was one of my old SBM students from 13 years ago. 

I think that when working with students day in day out, we do not realise how important their time with us is. Running into them, they still feel ‘NHTV’. You come to realise how closely connected they still are to our institute. 
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