In order to be able to study in the Netherlands, you may need to apply for residency. This depends on your nationality.

Visa explained

It depends on your nationality if you need to apply for a student visa. Watch this video for more information.

Visa or residence permit?

  • European Union / European Economic Area and Switzerland: you will not need a visa and/or residence permit.
  • Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, USA, Japan, South Korea, Monaco or Vatican City: you will need a residence permit.
  • Students with other nationalities: you will need an entry visa AND residence permit.

More than one nationality?

If you have more than one nationality, you may choose which of your nationalities you want to use for your stay in the Netherlands. If one of these nationalities is EU/EEA or Swiss, we recommend you choose this nationality.

Schengen area

Residence permits arranged through Breda University of Applied Sciences will allow you to travel freely (up to 90 days every six months) in the Schengen area, which makes trips to Spain, France, Germany and other European countries easily possible. Overview EU, EEA, EFTA and Schengen Area countries

How to apply for a visa and/or residence permit?

The Student Office of Breda University of Applied Sciences will start the application procedure for your visa and/or residence permit as soon as you have been admitted to one of our course programmes or exchange programmes. The procedure may take up to eight weeks.

The Student Office will send you an email with login code and password to use the Visa Care+ application system. After logging in you will be guided through the Visa / Residence Permit application procedure. You will find all the instructions needed on the ‘My Documents Page’ that will be activated after you have filled in the online application form.

Please be aware of the following:
People, pretending to be a ministry officials, might try to approach you by phone. Please be advised neither the Immigration and Naturalisation Service nor our university will approach you by phone concerning personal and/or bank details. Never provide any of those data by phone. Any alterations concerning visa and/or residence permit or payment requests will be offered to you in writing.

Validity of residence permit

Generally, a residence permit will be issued for the duration of your study programme plus three months, provided that you obtain 50% of your study credits every year. Apart from the 50% credit completion requirement, you will need to submit a copy of your current health insurance policy, a copy of your valid passport, and proof of having sufficient financial means to cover all your living expenses annually.

More information

More information on visa, residence permit and proof of sufficient means of support can be found in the application procedure (pdf).