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Municipality registration

If you stay in the Netherlands for more than 4 months, you are obliged to register with the municipal administration of the place where you are going to live.

Municipality of Breda

Students need to be registered in the municipality where they reside. Once you have been registered in the municipality database (GBA), you will receive a 'BSN' number. On this page we give information of the municipality of Breda. If you will live in another municipality then Breda, you need to go to the Town Hall of that municipality.


To register in the municipal register you will need to bring the following documents:

  • Passport or identity card, ensure that your passport or identity card is valid and that your place of birth is mentioned in this document. 
  • If your place of birth is not mentioned on your passport or identity card, you’ll need an original birth certificate for all individuals to be registered (authenticated or with an apostille).

Make an appointment

To avoid long waiting time, you are adviced to make an appointment via the via the website of the municipality (in this case Breda).

Changes or moving out of Breda 

It is very important to keep your data updated at all times; all government offices make use of these data. Information regarding renewal of your residence permit (Non EU students) will be sent to the address included in the municipal register. If you need to change your address you have to visit the Town hall and fill in a ‘change of address’ form. You are obliged to sign out with the municipal register when you plan to leave Breda definitely. This can be done easily via Digi-D online. If you do not have Digi-d you can fill out this form: form Registration of departure abroad and send it to   

Address in Studielink

If you register yourself at the municipality do not forget to change your address in Studielink (the national administration system for higher education in the Netherlands where you also are to apply). For information from Breda University of Applied Sciences your address in Studielink will be used.

Mia helps you out

Watch the video and let Mia help you with your move to the Netherlands. The first part of the video is about how to register with the municipality. The second part will inform you how to open a bank account.