Tips for a student room

Femke is studying at BUas. She has listed some tips for a cosy and useful student room.

It is the end of the summer holidays, you are enjoying your last days off, you are preparing for the introduction week AND it is time to move to your new home in Breda! Eating, sleeping, studying and leisure are four key elements that will help you with your new student life!


It is not always possible to get a good night's sleep, sometimes you will be studying (or partying) until late, A few fewer hours of sleep can't hurt, but it is important to invest well in your sleep. I bought my bed at the thrift shop; this saved me a lot of money. You can find good mattresses for a nice price at Ikea or Wehkamp. A good night's sleep will get you ready for a productive day at school and give you enough energy for leisure time! 


Eating and cooking can be very different depending on your living circumstances. If you live with roommates, you often cook together. When you live alone, it can be difficult to cook for yourself. My tips: try cooking with a classmate, freeze a part of your meal for another time or eat the same dish twice a week! 


Studying in your room can be seen as difficult, especially if you live with housemates. My tips: first, it is important to have a good place in your room to study. This does not mean that you have to fit a desk into your small room, you can easily do this at your dining, make-up or gaming table. You can also arrange a learning date with your housemates. Besides that you can also study at school. 


Besides studying, it is also very important to schedule leisure time. You can do this in the city by having drinks on a terrace or visiting the cinema. But you can also do this at home! You can hang with your friends in the shared living room. However, it is also nice if your friends can sit in your room with you. Provide some (folding) chairs, games and snacks and you'll have a fun evening in your dorm room. 

So, during your time as a student, sleeping, eating, studying and free time are very important. Make sure all this is possible in your room! A table, a bed and a few chairs are enough for this!